Saturday, May 23, 2015

What's in my carry-on

 So as I said, I recently traveled (which I love) and I wanted to share what I brought in my carry-on bag. I didn't get a picture of the actual bag so here is link to the same bag in a different color.

 First I need my iPad. I had a lot of fun taking time lapses of the take-off and landings! Along with that I brought my charger and my headphones. All of my music was on my phone which I brought as well!

 Of course I had to bring snacks. I had lots more but I ate a lot of it already. Gum is a must and cough drops too since I was sick on my trip, sadly.

 I always like bringing a journal to document my trip. I need my wallet of course. A pen for my journal, some sunnies and lip balm too (super essential)!

 I really needed tissues (since I was sick). Lotion is a must for the dry plane atmosphere. Hand sanitizer too since planes can be full of germs. I brought blotting papers but never ended up using them. I did use my scrunchie and mini hair brush however!

Lastly, I brought a light hoodie which was great since the plane was FREEZING!

That's all that's in my carry-on, what's in yours!

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