Tuesday, May 26, 2015

First Aid Beauty Ultra Lip Therapy

 Hello! I decided to review another product from my First Aid Beauty set. This time I'm reviewing the Ultra Repair Lip Therapy! I love the packaging on this how it is a squeeze tube, it sets it apart from other lip balms. 
At first, it was super creamy and moisturizing and had a really nice super slightly minty scent. After a few months it separated and it quite liquid-y. I found that happened with another squeeze tube lip balm I had. Other than that I really enjoyed it
It was quit moisturizing and lasted a fair amount of time. I enjoy the scent because it isn't too minty but it is the perfect amount.
I don't have too much else to say since it is only a lip balm so that is about it!
Have a good day/night!

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