Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Travel with me: Niagara Falls

So for the past 5 days (Wednesday to Sunday) I was in Niagara Falls, ON! I have some family there so I went over for a little trip! I am absolutely in love with the city and I am always happy to go back. Everything about the place makes me happy. I thought I'd document this trip since I probably won't be back for a while. I've been there numerous times and each time I am just as stunned! Enjoy these photos!

Breakfast on the plane! It was surprisingly very good!

I always come prepared with snacks and I love doing my makeup on the plane ride there.

 aero car


 All of the nature was absolutely beautiful. Flowers were in bloom and everything was so green!

 The entire park by the falls is gorgeous. It is such a nice place to walk around.

 The falls never cease to amaze me.

 Niagara Falls always has the best bakeries and pastries!

 coming home

That's pretty much my trip. I'm really going to miss the place but I'm glad I got the opportunity to return!

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