Monday, May 18, 2015

Mani Monday: OPI Mod About You

It's been a minute since my last Mani Monday! I wanted to bring it back with OPI's Mod About You! I had seen it all over Pinterest, and I was super excited to finally try it for myself.

For an OPI polish, I was a bit disappointed. It didn't apply very nicely. It was kind of splotchy and on the edge of goopey. On the second coat, I needed to get a lot on the brush in order for it not to drag across the polish and mess it all up. I feel like it's probably because of the shade since it's such an opaque creamy shade. The color however is gorgeous! It's a pale pink but it appears quite bright at the same time. It's such a clean and smooth shade and perfect for the Spring/Summer time!

I think this shade would complement a tan perfectly! I have a bit of trouble applying it but I had success cleaning it up afterwards. I chose this polish for my traveling bit last week! it's just such a bright, mood-boosting color!
I tried to get some photos in different lights since it looks different in all types of lighting!

I hope you enjoyed, Happy Monday (is that an oxy moron?)!

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