Thursday, August 29, 2013

Rimmel London, Dark signature quad

 I realize that I mostly post about drugstore products. I hope in the future I will be able to share some high end products with you. Anyways, I have yet another drugstore product to review and it is the Rimmel London quad in the shade 017, Dark signature. I bought this palette because I don't have many purples in my collection.

This quad has 2 dark purples, a pale lavender and a white. I usually take the lavender all over my lid, using the white as a highlight and a mix of the dark purples in the crease and outer corner. 

The shadows aren't extremely pigmented, they're actually quite chalky. If you use them with a skin toned base they show up a little more vibrantly.
Overall I wasn't very impressed with the eyeshadows from this quad which was surprising because I love Rimmel's single eyeshadows. 

That's all for today =)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Maybelline Fit Me stick foundation review!

I have been wanting to try this foundation since the first day I saw it.
I watched and read many reviews and heard so many good things about it! 
The packaging is very convenient. It's fairly small and easy to travel with. It's a stick foundation so there is no risk of spilling. It almost looks like a giant stick concealer (which is basically what it is). 
In the foundation there is a ring of color surrounding the anti-shine formula.
This foundation applies smoothly and the finish is matte. I wouldn't recommend this to someone with dry skin as it doesn't add much moisture.
I personally like that it's matte because it's easier to not add powder.
This foundation stays put for 4+ hours. For me, it started wearing off a bit after 4 hours, but I think for the most part it has great lasting power.
The coverage this foundation gives is light-medium; It covers redness and dark circles but you may need to touch up on scarring and breakouts.
Overall I thought this was a great everyday, light-wear foundation and I will continue to use it!
See you next time!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

My nail care routine

Hey everyone! I often fail at painting my nails and most of the polish ends up on my fingers but I have recently found a way that works for me. It's very time consuming but I think it's worth it, at least once in a while. 

1. The first step I take in my manicure is shaping my nails. I do this by cutting and filing as needed. I like to file my nails to the same length so that they're able to grow evenly. This makes your nails look more put together or "professional". I also push my cuticles back with a cuticle stick so that I have a flat surface to work with. 
2. Next I paint my nails with a base coat to protect my nails from discoloration and staining. My favorite one at the moment is the Revlon colorstay gel-smooth base coat. It truly does feel like a gel formula.
 I then begin to paint my nails very slowly and carefully. The key is to not have too much polish on your brush, but to also not have too little. I like to wipe away the excess at the top of the nail polish bottle. Painting your nails takes a lot of patience. 
An important thing to remember is that your should let your nails dry completely between coats. This will make it easier for the brush to glide along your nail as opposed to getting stuck on half dry polish. Most polishes take 2-3 coats, but if you're lucky you can find a polish that only requires one!
3. Step 3 is to apply a top coat. Top coats prevent chipping while adding a beautiful shine. 
 The photo on the left shows nails without a topcoat. They have no shine and will most likely get chipped within hours. However, the nails on the right have a glossy shine and will last a little longer. If I have time and I'm in the mood, I like to re-apply a topcoat every day or two to prevent chips. I personally do this because I chip my nails very easily although re-applying is not necessary.

The top coat I use matches the base coat. I love them equally!
The polish I chose was Revlon's dreamer. It's a sophisticated pale blue quite similar to Essie's bikini so teeny.
I like to stay away from dark colors such as reds, dark pinks, and dark purples. These colors can stain your nails and are very difficult to remove, especially red! Although I do wear these occaisonaly.

I prefer to stick to pales and brights for easy removal! =)
That's all for today. I hope your enjoyed my nail routine. This is just what works best for me!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New L'Oreal Power Moisture hair mask

So I was shopping at target the other day (What's new?) and I came across this new hair mask as I was strolling down the hair isle. I've been scoping out a hair mask for quite a while as I've been slowly finishing my current mask. I love trying new products when I get the chance and it was even on sale! New products on sale are 10 times better than just new products. =)

 This products doesn't actually claim to do much, other than moisturizing your hair and creating soft, silky locks. After trying this products for the first time, I noticed you don't need a lot of product to coat all of your hair. The scent is fairly pleasant, nothing like cake batter but it isn't unbearable. This product truly does leave your hair silky and smooth and it helps create healthy looking and feeling hair.

The color is actually mint green/blue but it most definitely doesn't transfer. Overall I would definitely continue to use and purchase this product especially at the glowing price of about $3.99
That's it for now, bye!
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Monday, August 5, 2013

Mani Monday

I was really in the mood to play around with some nail art so I did! I got the idea for a chevron style accent finger on Pinterest, where else. I then found a fairly easy tutorial on cutepolish's YouTube channel. and decided to try it out. Basically you paint nail polish on some clear tape and cut it into a chevron pattern using zig-zag scissors and apply the tape to your nails. 

The pale pink is "East going" by Sinful Colors. The shimmer bronze is "Time to shine" by Sally Hansen X-treme wear. And last, the purple is "Amethyst" by Sinful Colors.