Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New L'Oreal Power Moisture hair mask

So I was shopping at target the other day (What's new?) and I came across this new hair mask as I was strolling down the hair isle. I've been scoping out a hair mask for quite a while as I've been slowly finishing my current mask. I love trying new products when I get the chance and it was even on sale! New products on sale are 10 times better than just new products. =)

 This products doesn't actually claim to do much, other than moisturizing your hair and creating soft, silky locks. After trying this products for the first time, I noticed you don't need a lot of product to coat all of your hair. The scent is fairly pleasant, nothing like cake batter but it isn't unbearable. This product truly does leave your hair silky and smooth and it helps create healthy looking and feeling hair.

The color is actually mint green/blue but it most definitely doesn't transfer. Overall I would definitely continue to use and purchase this product especially at the glowing price of about $3.99
That's it for now, bye!
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