Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Nails of the Day! (NOTD)

I was actually debating whether or not I should put this up because the nail polish I'm wearing is really old and no longer easily available. I decided to go ahead with it because I think any neutral color is great for fall. Neutrals are great for transitioning summer nails to fall. Neutrals aren't too harsh and dark like fall colors but they also aren't bright and neon like summer colors.Tickle My France-Y by OPI and Brizia by Zoya, are some similar neutral shades.

This shade is a light beige/brown shade with a light shimmer in it. I love this color for fall and I apologize that it's unavailable.In case you were wondering the shade is "ski down brown" by Maybelline Ultimate wear.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My brow routine!

I'd like to start off by apologizing for not posting on many new and high-end products. I've been trying to not buy makeup products unless I need them for a few months. It's really tough because I see new products around every corner. In I few months time I will be sure to have more recent reviews and posts. =) On with my eyebrow routine!
I personally think I have a pretty low maintenance eyebrow routine. I only use 4 tools and products and it takes me little to no time to do them.
I recently got my eyebrows waxed for the first time and it exposed me to a whole new section of makeup; the brow section. Now I can't leave the house without filling in my eyebrows.
First I pluck them. I don't do this often, usually only every 3-4 days and sometimes only once a week. I don't plan on getting them waxed too often because I find it easier (and cheaper) to just pluck the stray hairs myself. 
The tweezers I use are just pointed ones from Revlon. I don't actually remember where these are from or how much the cost but they're most-likely under $10 at the drugstore.they do a pretty decent job and are easy to use. (excuse my chipped nail polish)
I fill in my eyebrows using this angled eyeliner brush from Quo and brush them into place using a mascara wand sample from Sephora which works just fine for me. It's just a free sample wand used to try on mascara at Sephora! 
To fill in my brows, I use Mac's eyeshadow in omega. I heard that you are supposed to use a shade or two lighter than your natural brow color so this works well for me. (it's a little messy).

Friday, September 6, 2013

Maybelline great lash lots of lashes

I apologize for not having posted in a while. I've been a bit preoccupied lately and that's been affecting my ability to post as often. I'm back now, and I'll try my best to post more often.
Anyways, today I have a quick post reviewing the Maybelline great lash, lots of lashes mascara. I wouldn't normally purchase the great lash mascara because I don't really like it and I personally think it's low quality, (it does work for some people, everyone has different opinions). But since I heard many good things about the lots of lashes mascara, I decided to try it out when it went on sale for only $3. I had no excuse not to try it!

I must admit, the colors of the tube are really cute and they compliment each other although I feel a little different about the mascara... The brush called the lash grabber is a little hard to work with. There aren't many bristles at the point which makes it difficult to coat the inner lashes and when I try to use the thicker part of the brush I usually end up smudging mascara on my nose.

Unless I work fast, (very fast), The mascara clumps my lashes together, making it look like I have five eyelashes, not my favorite look. If you really play around with technique it can make your lashes look really, really good! I find it tricky to use so I don't think this product will make it onto my re-purchase list.