Friday, September 6, 2013

Maybelline great lash lots of lashes

I apologize for not having posted in a while. I've been a bit preoccupied lately and that's been affecting my ability to post as often. I'm back now, and I'll try my best to post more often.
Anyways, today I have a quick post reviewing the Maybelline great lash, lots of lashes mascara. I wouldn't normally purchase the great lash mascara because I don't really like it and I personally think it's low quality, (it does work for some people, everyone has different opinions). But since I heard many good things about the lots of lashes mascara, I decided to try it out when it went on sale for only $3. I had no excuse not to try it!

I must admit, the colors of the tube are really cute and they compliment each other although I feel a little different about the mascara... The brush called the lash grabber is a little hard to work with. There aren't many bristles at the point which makes it difficult to coat the inner lashes and when I try to use the thicker part of the brush I usually end up smudging mascara on my nose.

Unless I work fast, (very fast), The mascara clumps my lashes together, making it look like I have five eyelashes, not my favorite look. If you really play around with technique it can make your lashes look really, really good! I find it tricky to use so I don't think this product will make it onto my re-purchase list.

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