Friday, July 31, 2015

July Empties/Favorites

So this month I was kind of running out of days so I decided to lump my empties and favorites together for July! I don't really have any beauty favorites. I've got lots to share today so lets hope right on in.


A lot of these products were old products that were old and I decided to just toss. Also, lots of these are repeats that I often finish during the month.


Favorite songs:
I was really into Elvis towards the end of the month. kind of corresponding with my Vegas trip.
Be Together - Major Lazor, Wild Belle
Roses - The Chainsmokers
Don't Wait Up -Robert DeLong
Paralyzed - Klyne
Whole Wide World - Bahamas
 Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis Presley
Hound Dog Elvis - Presley
Blue Suede Shoes - Elvis Presley
Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley
Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis Presley
Love Me Tender - Elvis Presley
Really most of his 50's songs!

Favorite event:
Las Vegas!
Color Me Rad Run

Favorite food(s):
Aria Buffet
Whole Foods Butter Toffee Nuggets

Favorite movie/TV show:
Blue Hawaii
Camp Takota 

That's all for my favorites/empties of the month!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Las Vegas Food Diary!

As you can probably tell (It's hard to hide) I am borderline obsessed with food. You might have been wondering why there was no food in yesterdays post. That's because I have a devoted this entire post to the food of Las Vegas. I'm not going to lie, the food was what I was most excited for. Boy was I not disappointed. I apologize if some photo quality isn't 100%, I had to take some on my phone. The food in Vegas is unbelievable. See for yourself and try not to drool!

 I had slightly heard about Shake Shack so we decided to try it out. It was so amazing, probably one of the best burgers I've ever had (as good or better than Hodad's in San Diego).

 I opted for the Shack Burger with crinkle cut fries and a black and white shake!

 Everyone was telling me go to Serendipity 3 so I tried it out! Everything was huge!

 We ordered the frozen hot chocolate and the Forbidden Broadway Sundae. They were both amazing! We nearly finished the frozen hot chocolate but the 3 of us couldn't even get through half of the sundae!

 The sundae had a whole piece of cake in it!

 Of course we had to hit up In-n-out which was the busiest I've ever seen it.

 Cheeseburger, fries, and strawberry shake for me!

 The Aria Buffet was definitely up there in the best food of the trip. I got quite an assortment and I'm not ashamed to say this is not all of the food I ending up trying. My favorites were the fried rice, provolone sticks, cheesecake and pot roast!

 One day we tried The Roasted Bean @ the Aria for breakfast. I got a caramel blending coffee with a cheese danish. The small blended coffee was huge and I couldn't quite finish but the danish was amazing!

 Here's a few more miscellaneous things. Panera Bread, Banana Foster crepe from Jean Phillipe, desserts from the Mirage Buffet (not as good as Aria), Rita's italian ice, and a Deluxe Grilled Cheese fro Zoozacrackers Deli at the Wynn .

 Mini chocolate cheesecake from Jean Phillipe, A chicken sandwich I had at the airport, some frozen drink by the pool, more desserts from Jean Phillipe, and the World's largest chocolate fountain at Bellagio I believe.

 Amazing nachos from Yard House, The Batista's menu (too dark for other photos) I had chicken parm and it was amazing! Caribbean Passion Jamba Juice, Sprinkles cupcakes (never went) and a McDonald's happy meal (I was desperate).

I also picked up some food for the hotel room! That mint limeade from Whole foods was so delicious!

Here's a list of all the places we ate at:

Aria Cafe
Yard House
Serendipity 3
The Buffet @ Aria
The Roasted Bean
Jamba Juice
Shake Shack
Panera Bread
Cravings (Mirage Buffet)
Javier's (Aria)
Jean Phillipe

As you can probably tell, I definitely ditched my diet for the trip. I have no regrets, you really need to treat yourself! Well that was an experience! What looked the best to you?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

My Las Vegas

So from the 20-27 I was in Las Vegas, Nevada! I have never been before and it was a really fun experience. Las Vegas is like nothing you've ever seen before. Everything left me breathless. Of course, I have to share some photos with you. I like bringing my camera everywhere so I'm always ready to capture the moment. We stayed at the Aria and it wads absolutely amazing!
Here's My Las Vegas.

 View from the High Roller

 World's Largest Chocolate Fountain

 Bellagio & Caesar's

 La Reve Show

 Gold Bath Bomb

 Downtown (old Vegas)
 Red Rock Canyon & Vegas sign
 Fire @ Cosmopolitan before & after. We were at Red Rock Canyon during the actual fire.

Venetian and The Forum Shops H&M

Around the Wynn and an Essie vending machine

Don't worry, there will be a whole other post dedicated to the food ;) That was my trip through my eyes. I am so happy to have gone to Las Vegas I really had an amazing time and I am so thankful!

Monday, July 27, 2015

My Swimsuit Collection

 I am a bit obsessed with swimsuits which is odd, since I very rarely swim. I don't live near any bodies of water. Well, any nice bodies of water. I really only swim when I go on vacay maybe once a year. When I do swim, I love it! When taking these photos, I realized I have way more swimsuits than I thought. I bought 3 new tops and 1 new bottom this year. I would like a few more bottoms options, but that's for another day. I am quite content with what I've got.

 This is one of my new tops from Ardene. It's quite Triangl inspired. It is most similar to this one but not quite an exact match to any of them which I enjoy! This fits me perfectly and was only $10!

 This is also a new one from Ardene. This fits me amazingly as well and was $10 too! (2 for $20). I love the neon purple and the Victoria's Secret inspired style.

 Finally the last new $10 top from Ardene. This one doesn't fit as perfectly but it fits well enough. I love the pattern but don't really have bottoms to match.

 Here's two more from past years. The striped one it from Simon's. I got it on major clearance for $1.99! I clearly got what I paid for since it started major piling after only 3ish times of wearing it. It's really cute though!
The black top is from H&M and it is much too big for me. I remember it being around $20 I believe, not completely sure.

 The navy top is from Walmart and actually fits quite nice, I like it!
The ruffled one is from Target and it's cute! It comes with a strap but it can be strapless.

 These are my absolute favorite bottoms from Target. They fit so well and are a stunning bright mint green shade.

 These one's are from H&M. They are slightly too big but not really noticeable. These ones are okay, but not my fave.

 I have this black pair from Target. I got it during their liquidation and didn't try them on. They fit except they are super baggy in the butt, which isn't flattering.

 To replace those, I got this simple black pair from Walmart for like $5.

 These are also from Walmart but I'm a bit nervous to wear them since they are cheap, white and quite possibly see through. maybe I'll wear them if I'm not in public.

The final pair are also from Walmart. I don't like these, they are a very awkward rise and just don't fit right.

Those are all of my swimsuits! As you can see, I like to go for the cheaper options.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

25 {BEAUTY} things to do when you're bored!

I recently posted a "Things to do when you're bored" Summer edition. Since this is mainly a beauty blog, I thought "why not do a beauty edition?" So that is exactly what I'm doing! Here's 25 MORE ideas of things to do when your bored, but these ones are directed to the beauty lovin' gals. Also please ignore the photo for this post. it's pretty irrelevant but I needed something!

1. Do a face mask
 I do this every Sunday and it's so relaxing!

2. Try a DIY lip scrub  
This is a fun little DIY to make your lips feelin' real soft!

3. Paint your nails
 I also do this every Sunday! It's such a fun way to change up your look.

4. Curl/straighten your hair
Sometime you've just gotta use heat on your hair to get glam!

5. Try on some new outfits 
 I often do this when I'm really bored. I raid my closet and usually come out with outfits I never knew I had.

6. Go to Sephora and try on new makeup
 I am definitely guilty of taking major advantage of Sephora's testers.

7. Test out a bright, bold liner
 Even if you're just at home watching Netflix, you can still go for a bolder look!

8. Curl your hair with rollers
 Now this is something new! I've never tried it but it seems time consuming... Maybe that's just what I need?

9. Put on a full face of makeup (Foundation, concealer, eyeliner etc..)
 Take your time and go the whole 9 yards. It's surprisingly therapeutic. Play some music too!

10. Use a temporary hair dye
It's always fun to switch up your hair a bit, especially if it's only temporary. 

11. Apply some flash tattoos
 Ah, I love those things!

12. Try whitening your teeth with baking soda & hydrogen peroxide 
 I actually tried this last week and will have a whole post about it in the future.

13. Try some bold lipstick shades
 Not much else to say about this one.

14. Re-organize your makeup collection 
 This is not only a time-killer but kind of a necessity.

15. Have a Beauty Rehab 
 Do it! It's refreshing!

16. Dig out forgotten products and use them again
 I have definitely been doing this lately. I've found some old gems in the process!

17. Try over-lining your lips
 Why not copy Kylie?

18. Follow a YouTube makeup tutorial 
 Like step by step completely! Does it look the same?

19. Browse some beauty blogs for new tips

20. Try ombre blush/lips
 I've seen it on Pinterest, it's a thing!

21. Try new eyeliner styles 
 Eyeliner is just my fave to play around with!

22. Find makeup dupes!
 And share 'em, on your very own beauty blog!

23. Make a DIY hair mask
 You hair needs some TLC too!

24. Test your nail art skills
 I'm sure they're a solid 10/10.

25. Find your skin undertone (there are many sites to show you how) and adjust your makeup accordingly 
 I still haven't found mine..

That's about it! Hopefully this helps kill your boredom. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Beauty Tip: Long lasting smudged liner

 Here is a super simple and easy beauty trick to get long lasting, smudged eyeliner!

 Start by lining your eyes with any eyeliner of choice. Felt, liquid, pencil, anything! I went for my typical wing.

Next choose a complementary color. If your liner is brown use brown, if it's black, use black.  I like to use a matte (or fairly matte) black shade. I chose Blackout by Urban Decay.

Trace your liner with the eyeshadow while smudging it out at the same time. This does 3 things: Makes your liner matte, makes it last longer, and gives it a smudged, less harsh look.

And of course, silly me forgot to take a result photo! You can kind of see it above. 

And that's it, your liner will last for days! (well, not really days, maybe one day)
Bye, now.

Monday, July 20, 2015

25 things to do when you're bored!

Above is a typical photo of me in the Summer. Summer can get a bit boring after that first week of fun. I usually resort to Netflix and end up watching my Summer away. There are tons of other things to do this Summer than watch Netflix and sleep. Although I also like to do a bit of that too! I brought some ideas together of slightly more exciting things to spend your Summer doing. I hope you can find something in this list that catches your attention!

1. Watch the sunset/sunrise
 This can be super relaxing and can really change your mindset.

2. Have a water balloon fight
 This isn't just for children, gather your friends and cool down.

3. Make a slip n' slide

4. Make s'mores
 S'mores are one of my favorites summer treats. They are just as easy to make under the broiler if you don't have a campfire!

5. Try a new summer treat (Summer Party Food post)
 Try something new!

6. Go shopping and buy a new outfit
Try some new styles and choose 1 whole new outfit. 

7. Take a road trip to the beach
Going to the beach is great regardless if you're by the ocean or just a lake.

8. Make a Summer room decor DIY (DIY Summer room decor post)
 This should keep you busy for an hour or so!

9. Organize a lunch date with friends
 Getting together with friends is really refreshing and you get to indulge too!

10. Have a spa night
 Pamper YOself!

11. Watch the stars
 This is one of my faves!

12. Go for an early morning run
 This really wakes you up and starts your day right.

13. Learn a new instrument
 Good new hobby for the Summer!

14. Paint
 Again, new hobby!

15. Creat a blog on a topic you're passionate about
Trust me, it will keep you busy! ;)

16. Make a DIY iron on t-shirt
Create your own fashion, what's better?

17. Read a new book
 I always feel like I need to read more in the Summer.

18. Find a new movie to watch
 Movies are always fun!

19. Try out a new smoothie recipe
 Smoothies are my FAVE.

20. Find a local juice bar
 Try something new! Unless you get juice often, then try something else!

21. Get your friends together and go to a festival 
Music festivals, food festivals, carnivals, they are all super fun and great boredom killers.

22. Go sightseeing in your own town
I love doing this with my friends. I find new cafes and places I never would have found.

23. Find new music
Finding new musics takes me forever and I love it!

24. Try out new hairstyles
It takes a while to get the hang of some hairstyles to test 'em out a bit!

25. Test your photography skills
Go out into the great outdoors and try some photography techniques!

Have a great Summer!