Sunday, July 12, 2015

DIY Summer room decor! (part 1)

Hello! I found a ton of inspiration for some DIY room decor on Pinterest and I just had to share my favorites! All of these DIYs are super Summer-y, easy and fun to make! I definitely hop you try them out. This is part 1 and part 2 will be coming super soon.


Beige and Pink (or desired color) scrapbook paper
Various color scrapbook paper scraps
{Round objects to trace & pencil}

 1. Trace 2 circles on beige paper, and one circle on pink paper and cut them out. The beige paper is the donut and the pink is the frosting.
2. Trace the donut hole onto the frosting paper so that they two holes line up.
3. Cut out a wavy pattern around edge of pink circle to resemble frosting.
4. Match up the two donut holes, and glue the pink paper over the beige.
5. Cut out and glue con various colored sprinkles.


Mason Jar
Watermelon colored paint
Green ribbon
Hot glue
Paint brushes
Rubbing alcohol and cotton

1. Wipe down your jar with rubbing alcohol to ensure that your paint will stick.
2. I had to mix some shades to create my desired pink/coral.
3. Pour the paint inside the jar and paint the entire surface. If you'd prefer a matte finish, paint the outside of the jar. Once it's dry, paint another layer until opaque. Let dry completely.

4. Draw on some little oval shapes to resemble seeds with a black sharpie.
5. Glue on green ribbon around the mouth of the jar with a hot glue gun.

And you're done! Feel free to fill with flower, makeup brushes or whatever else you desire!


Washi tape
Door stop

 All you have to do it cut out your washi tape to fit the door stop and arrange it how you like!
I think this looks a lot cuter than a boring plastic door stop.

I originally planned to do all of my DIYs in one post but there were too many! Look out for Part 2 coming this week!

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