Monday, July 20, 2015

25 things to do when you're bored!

Above is a typical photo of me in the Summer. Summer can get a bit boring after that first week of fun. I usually resort to Netflix and end up watching my Summer away. There are tons of other things to do this Summer than watch Netflix and sleep. Although I also like to do a bit of that too! I brought some ideas together of slightly more exciting things to spend your Summer doing. I hope you can find something in this list that catches your attention!

1. Watch the sunset/sunrise
 This can be super relaxing and can really change your mindset.

2. Have a water balloon fight
 This isn't just for children, gather your friends and cool down.

3. Make a slip n' slide

4. Make s'mores
 S'mores are one of my favorites summer treats. They are just as easy to make under the broiler if you don't have a campfire!

5. Try a new summer treat (Summer Party Food post)
 Try something new!

6. Go shopping and buy a new outfit
Try some new styles and choose 1 whole new outfit. 

7. Take a road trip to the beach
Going to the beach is great regardless if you're by the ocean or just a lake.

8. Make a Summer room decor DIY (DIY Summer room decor post)
 This should keep you busy for an hour or so!

9. Organize a lunch date with friends
 Getting together with friends is really refreshing and you get to indulge too!

10. Have a spa night
 Pamper YOself!

11. Watch the stars
 This is one of my faves!

12. Go for an early morning run
 This really wakes you up and starts your day right.

13. Learn a new instrument
 Good new hobby for the Summer!

14. Paint
 Again, new hobby!

15. Creat a blog on a topic you're passionate about
Trust me, it will keep you busy! ;)

16. Make a DIY iron on t-shirt
Create your own fashion, what's better?

17. Read a new book
 I always feel like I need to read more in the Summer.

18. Find a new movie to watch
 Movies are always fun!

19. Try out a new smoothie recipe
 Smoothies are my FAVE.

20. Find a local juice bar
 Try something new! Unless you get juice often, then try something else!

21. Get your friends together and go to a festival 
Music festivals, food festivals, carnivals, they are all super fun and great boredom killers.

22. Go sightseeing in your own town
I love doing this with my friends. I find new cafes and places I never would have found.

23. Find new music
Finding new musics takes me forever and I love it!

24. Try out new hairstyles
It takes a while to get the hang of some hairstyles to test 'em out a bit!

25. Test your photography skills
Go out into the great outdoors and try some photography techniques!

Have a great Summer!

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