Thursday, July 23, 2015

Beauty Tip: Long lasting smudged liner

 Here is a super simple and easy beauty trick to get long lasting, smudged eyeliner!

 Start by lining your eyes with any eyeliner of choice. Felt, liquid, pencil, anything! I went for my typical wing.

Next choose a complementary color. If your liner is brown use brown, if it's black, use black.  I like to use a matte (or fairly matte) black shade. I chose Blackout by Urban Decay.

Trace your liner with the eyeshadow while smudging it out at the same time. This does 3 things: Makes your liner matte, makes it last longer, and gives it a smudged, less harsh look.

And of course, silly me forgot to take a result photo! You can kind of see it above. 

And that's it, your liner will last for days! (well, not really days, maybe one day)
Bye, now.

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