Thursday, July 9, 2015

Summer workout ideas + how to beat the heat!

 Summer is definitely a strain on my motivation to workout. There are so many things I'd rather be doing than working out in the heat. The solution: Switching up your workouts and working around the heat. I thought I'd share some ideas of Summer workouts and ways to beat the heat. There are so many more options to get fit than hitting the gym for hours a day! Carry on working out throughout the Summer, but also make sure to take breaks. Try to take at least 1 rest day a week and if you feel like skipping a workout, do it! You need to enjoy your Summer while you can!

 Running on the sand, or any different terrain, can increase the intensity of your workout. Just make use to take proper precautions so that you don't overheat or overwork.

I personally really enjoy bike rides in the Summer. Either grab a friend or go alone! It's a great leg exercise and it can be really therapeutic alone!

Blogilates is one of my favorite workouts to do! They are really unique you tube videos that work all of your muscles. Any other YouTube videos you like are great too since you're basically getting a free fitness class!

Yoga is a very relaxing, slightly lower intensity workout. It also help to stretch your muscles for other types of workouts. Take a class or do some poses at home!

Head to your local gym or fitness center and check out the fitness classes they offer. Take one that appeals to you!

Swimming is an amazing total body workout and you don't even feel like you're working out! Do some laps, swim with friends, whatever you've got to do!

Grab some friends, hit the beach (or a sand pit) and play a non-offical vb game!

You know, those activities we did as kids? They can be quite a workout if you think about it!

Try a new sport! You may like it more than you ever thought!

How to beat the heat!

~Workout in the morning! Not only is it much cooler in the morning (especially for running) it starts your day right and doesn't leave you time to procrastinate.

~Workout in your basement! My basement is noticeably cooler than the rest of my house. it's the only place I can bare to workout.

~Keep your clothing cool. Stick to shorts and a tank with as few layers as possible. Flowy clothes help too!

~ Stay hydrated! This is super important while staying fit in the Summer months.

Have fun!

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