Wednesday, July 15, 2015

DIY Summer room decor! (part 2)

Here is my DIY Summer room decor part 2! I have 4 more fun and easy room decor ideas for the Summer. I found a lot of inspo from Pinterest and I would totally recommend browsing for even more DIYs! I hope you try these out!


Colored craft paper
Washi tape
Double sided tape
Popsicle sticks
Hot glue
Any other decorating supplies

1. Draw a popsicle shape freehand or print out a stencil. I went freehand.
2. Cut out your shape and use it as a stencil for the rest of your popsicles. I made 5.
3. Cut out your shapes.
4. Decorate your popsicles as desired. I used craft tape, colored paper and a sharpie.
5. Glue the stick on the back of the "popsicles" then glue the popsicles 2-3 inches apart on a long piece of string.

This is a super cute DIY. You can see the garland better in the very first photo.


Blank canvas
Paint brushes
Watercolor paints
Paper towel & surface to mix paints on
Sharpie (optional)

1. Pour out some of your favorite paint colors onto a dish. I used a plastic lid.
2. Dip your paintbrush in a cup of water.
3. Pick up a small amount of the watercolor paint.
4. Paint your desired design on the canvas. I chose to make a bunch of abstract swirls. Browse Pinterest and other sights for inspiration.
5. Feel free to mix colors to create new shades.
6. Continue with your design until desired look is compltely.

Remember, more water less paint!

I took inspiration from this site!

I love this cool tones of this piece!


Glass vase
Paint brush
Gold paint
Gold glitter
Rubbing alcohol

1. Pour gold paint into vase
2. Add glitter
3. Tip upside down until paint slides down vase in your desired pattern.
4. Let dry overnight or until completely dry.
5. Fill with flowers or anything else!

Again, you can see the finished product in the very first photo! I chose to add sunflowers!


This one is super simple! All you've gotta do is tape the inside of your door. It's invisible when closed but adds a nice pop of color when open.

That's all for the second part of my DIY Summer room decor! I hope you enjoyed.

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