Monday, July 27, 2015

My Swimsuit Collection

 I am a bit obsessed with swimsuits which is odd, since I very rarely swim. I don't live near any bodies of water. Well, any nice bodies of water. I really only swim when I go on vacay maybe once a year. When I do swim, I love it! When taking these photos, I realized I have way more swimsuits than I thought. I bought 3 new tops and 1 new bottom this year. I would like a few more bottoms options, but that's for another day. I am quite content with what I've got.

 This is one of my new tops from Ardene. It's quite Triangl inspired. It is most similar to this one but not quite an exact match to any of them which I enjoy! This fits me perfectly and was only $10!

 This is also a new one from Ardene. This fits me amazingly as well and was $10 too! (2 for $20). I love the neon purple and the Victoria's Secret inspired style.

 Finally the last new $10 top from Ardene. This one doesn't fit as perfectly but it fits well enough. I love the pattern but don't really have bottoms to match.

 Here's two more from past years. The striped one it from Simon's. I got it on major clearance for $1.99! I clearly got what I paid for since it started major piling after only 3ish times of wearing it. It's really cute though!
The black top is from H&M and it is much too big for me. I remember it being around $20 I believe, not completely sure.

 The navy top is from Walmart and actually fits quite nice, I like it!
The ruffled one is from Target and it's cute! It comes with a strap but it can be strapless.

 These are my absolute favorite bottoms from Target. They fit so well and are a stunning bright mint green shade.

 These one's are from H&M. They are slightly too big but not really noticeable. These ones are okay, but not my fave.

 I have this black pair from Target. I got it during their liquidation and didn't try them on. They fit except they are super baggy in the butt, which isn't flattering.

 To replace those, I got this simple black pair from Walmart for like $5.

 These are also from Walmart but I'm a bit nervous to wear them since they are cheap, white and quite possibly see through. maybe I'll wear them if I'm not in public.

The final pair are also from Walmart. I don't like these, they are a very awkward rise and just don't fit right.

Those are all of my swimsuits! As you can see, I like to go for the cheaper options.

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