Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Blogmas 2013: Day 31! New Years & Bye Blogmas

Today is the last day of Blogmas! (And the last day of 2013 of course!)
Basically I couldn't decide what I wanted to post about today, so it's just going to be a jumble of things.
Some highlights of the year...
 I started my blog this year, doubled my nail polish collection, tripled my makeup collection, and bought my first MAC brush!
I saw some great things... see for yourself!
I had an unhealhty amount of Starbucks this year, of course I took a few photos...
I'll definitely try to cut down next year ;)
Is it bad that most of my memories are of food? ;)
2013 was a great year for me but I hope to make 2014 even better!
It may sound cheesy, but I want to strive for great things because it is my life, and we only get one chance to make it count. 
After that little bit of motivation, my goals and resolutions seem pretty dull, but oh well!
I always make new years resolutions but never stick to them. this year I'm really going to make an effort! 
I have the obvious, eat healthier and workout more goals but I also thought of a few more:
1. I want to be more forgiving and accepting of people by not being quick to judge and just letting more people into my life. 
2. I want to clean out my room and get rid of anything I don't use, as well as stop buying things I don't need!
3. I'd like to try to be more spontaneous and outgoing. I'm always planning ahead, which is good sometimes, but it usually just highers my expectations for things and I'd really like to just go with the flow once in a while.
4. I plan on digging out some forgotten makeup in the new year and using up products I've been neglecting.
 I have to say, I really enjoyed Blogmas. I blogged every single day of December with the exception of The 25th, (Oops!). It got me into blogging a lot more, and I really like it. I plan to post a little more often than I used to, but not quite every day. I have quite a few posts planned out for the new year and I'm excited to share them.
I don't have any major plans for my blog in 2014, but I am expecting to make some minor changes, in design and types of post, etc. (nothing too dramatic). I am still trying to find the perfect background/design for my blog, so hopefully sometime in the new year I will find something that suits. I am so excited to continue my blogging journey into 2014! This blogs 1 year anniversary is actually approaching in late April! Hopefully I can plan something exciting for that!
Happy New Years! I hope everyone has a great year, and a fresh start!
That's pretty much all, see you next year!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Blogmas 2013: Day 30! Bath & Body Works Room Spray

A little bit of a different post for the second to last day of Blogmas.
I had originally planned another Mani Monday, but me being the forgetful person I am, completely forgot to remove my old polish and paint my nails. Today I actually went on a quick shopping trip and though I'd talk about this room spray I picked up from Bath & Body Works.
How's that for a post on the spot? ;)
I only snapped one quick pic before my camera battery decided to die on me...
These were 3 for $5 or $2 each. I really wanted three but I stopped myself, as I have way too many Bath & Body Works products piling up at home. 
I had to at least buy 1 though, and I decided Cinnamon Frosting smelled the BEST. 
I got home and quickly tried it out, spraying 3 sprays in a tiny room. Kind of a big mistake...
My room was drenched in cinnamon frosting! I definitely think 1 spray is enough for a small room, I'll have to save 3 sprays for a bigger room such as a family room or something.
I would say this smells more like frosting than cinnamon, in fact I can't tell if I smell any cinnamon at all or if I'm just imagining it!
I haven't had the time completely test it out, but there's a little "first impression" for you.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Blogmas 2013: Day 29! Decmeber Favorites

I can't believe another month is coming to an end, Another year actually! 
It's crazy how fast time can pass, and I can't believe I'm already doing my December favorites of 2013.
Anyways, this has been a great month, although I still have 2 more days to enjoy!
After reading Divergent and Insurgent, I was super excited to see Allegiant hit stores! I'm nearly halfway through this book and loving it! I read it nearly every night and I can't put it down. It's interesting because it shows a different point of view every chapter. I can't wait for the Divergent movie next year! I've been trying this TRESemmé keratin smooth conditioner and I really enjoy it. It leaves my hair super soft, although it's nothing out of this world, just what I've been using for the month.  And of course, my perfume of the moth has to go to Bath and Body Works' Vanilla Bean Noel! I can't say enough good things about it!
Simple's eye makeup remover is very gentle and it gets the job done! I've been using that quite a lot lately. My favorite nail polish was Sinful Colors Unwrap Me which I featured in a Mani Monday.
Since winter started, my nose has become extremely dry, and Vaseline has helped rescue it! I actually recently posted 15+ uses of Vaseline if you'd like to check it out!
As for beauty, most of it is ELF! I bought a ton of ELF stuff last month and have had the time to try them out. I've been loving the colors in the 6 piece holiday palette. For concealer, I always blend in my Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer with the ELF small stipple brush and it works great! I've been highlighting my face a ton lately with the ELF shimmering facial whip, and setting my brows with the wet gloss clear mascara. And my all-time favorite eyeliner is the Maybelline eye studio gel liner! I have great control with it and it stays on all day.
Those are all my favorites of the month, see you tomorrow.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Blogmas 2013: Day 28! NYX Eyeshadow Review

I find NYX shadows to be a little inconsistent with quality. Even within the 4 shades I have, each has a slightly different pigmentation quality.
 I love the packaging of these, it's a tinier version of their blush packaging! They contain 0.11 oz or 3.0g and come in over 160 shades. They retail for about $4.50 depending on the store. Most of the shadows I own are very pigmented!
The 3 shadows on the left are all extremely pigmented, however Hollywood is very chalky and powdery; very difficult to use. 
I would definitely recommended these shadows, although the quality within colors is hit or miss.
These shadows are very smooth and blendable!
That's all!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Blogmas 2013: Day 27! Boxing Day haul

Yesterday, I went shopping for boxing day! (Similar to Black Friday but the day after Christmas).
I didn't get a ton of things but I am super content with what I got especially since Christmas was just the day before.
My favorite store of the trip was definitely Sephora, there were some great $12 steals!
Shea Infused lounge socks: 50% off
Hand Sanitizer: 75% off

cake After Dark 3 Piece Set for darker hues: $13 (worth $40)
Urban Decay Deluxe shadow box with mini Primer Potion: $12 special (worth $42)
MAKE UP FOREVER Aqua shadow duo: $12 (worth $48)
And finally, I got a blush/highlight from the Body Shop for $2 (regular price $22)
That's it! I hope you enjoyed seeing my new purchases (not trying to brag).
By the way, this post was photographed with my new CAMERA! I was super excited to start using it!
(I'm still getting used to it)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Blogmas 2013: Day 26! What I got for Christmas

Sorry for not posting on Christmas day. I didn't have much time and it totally slipped my mind!
Yesterday I had a great Christmas! I spent time with family, ate some good food, and had a little present exchange. I love seeing what others got for Christmas (Nosey I know) it's exciting peeking into others lives. Haha, anyways, I'm not trying to brag in any way, shape or form. I just thought some of you might be interested. I'm am extremely thankful for everything I received, and for everyone I spent time with. If you don't like this types of posts or will take it the wrong way, please just exit out :) Thanks, and enjoy!
Miscellaneous: Earrings, Vanilla scented flame less candles, Live Simply ring tray, Lace pouch, Varua good spirit doll.
Food: Crème Brulee hot chocolate, Barbeque pop chips, Godiva chocolate, Belgium truffles, 4 pack gum, Roasted seaweed, Terry's chocolate orange. (and a real orange in the fridge!)
Miscellaneous 2: Burgundy+Pink sweater, Owl Post-it notes, Canon PowerShot SX500 IS!, The movie above the camera is the Descendents (one of my fave movies!), The Fault in Our Stars, Pajamas
Beauty: Twist&Pout Lip glosses, Lip smackers, Baby Lips Dr.Rescue, Body shop body butter trio, Benefit World famous neutrals, eye studio mascara sampler, Pinch minimergency kit, Taylor Swift wonder struck enchanted perfume, Versace Bright Crystal perfume, Hard candy palette trio, I love raspberry&blackberry shower gel and lotion duo, face mask and hair mask
I forgot to add this coconut body butter to the last pic!
A huge thanks to my friends and family for your company and generous gifts over the holidays. I really enjoyed exchanging present with them all, and I know Christmas isn't about presents but that's a plus ;) 

I hope you enjoyed, and I hope Santa was good to you ;)

Blogmas 2013: Day 25! Christmas Highlights of My Day

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates!
I hope everyone is having/had an amazing day! Just a quick little post for today showing the highlights of my Christmas.
I hope you enjoy!
Sorry for the quality, the lighting was difficult to work with!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Blogmas 2013: Day 24! Current Inspiration

I can't believe it's already Christmas Eve, (for all of you who celebrate)!
Today I have a short and sweet post about my current inspiration. I find a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest all the way from fashion to food! I love exploring the season's trends and getting ideas for outfits and makeup.
I've really been into burgundy lately. Burgundy sweaters, nails, scarves, lips, hats etc! 
Also, I'm absolutely obsessed with knits this winter! Knit anything is just so cozy! I love sweaters and scarves especially. 
Lately I've been trying out a ton of different eyeliner looks with my Maybelline gel eyeliner. It's super fun to experiment with!
I love layering too! Jackets and scarves, boots and legwarmers, it's such a cute trend.
I've come across a ton of home inspiration with white and cream furniture and accents, wooden side tables, and subtle accessories. It all looks so wintery, I love it!
Hopefully I don't get too distracted and I can get a post up tomorrow!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Blogmas 2013: Day 23! Mani Monday

Here's my last Mani Monday before Christmas! 
This is my absolute favorite nail polish of all time. I only take the time to use it once or twice a year because it's impossible to get off but it's one of the prettiest reds.
This polish is in the shade velvet bow and as you can tell I had a little trouble making it look good. The brush was really small and I couldn't get a perfect, straight line around the cuticle.
I used this Seche Vite top coat for a beautiful gel-like shine. It really makes it look like a gel polish and it drys fast too! I could not get a perfect picture of my nails so I apologize for the quality, but that's it.
See you tomorrow on Christmas Eve!
Bye! =)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Blogmas 2013: Day 22! Sally Hansen Colorfast Tint+Moisture Balm

I bought this Sally Hansen Colorfast Tint+Moisture Balm a month or two ago and I've been trying it out for quite a while. This was the first jumbo lip pencil type product I'd ever tried out and I love it, I can't wait to try more! These retail for about $5 which is a little below average. 
These are retractable which is a great quality.
I have the shade In the Pink which is a super pretty sheer rose color. It adds a little bit of a color and a lot of shine to your lips. These are extremely moisturizing and they last for a few hours.
I really love this product, it's perfect for everyday wear! I hope to try more shades in the future.
That's all for today!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Blogmas 2013: Day 21! 15+ Uses of Vaseline

I absolutely love Vaseline! The things you can do with it are endless; well, not endless... But I have over 15 uses to show you today! I hope it helps!
1. As a makeup remover
2. As lip balm/treatment
3. Apply under perfume to make it last
4. Apply on earlobes to slide in earrings with ease
5. As a moisturizer
6. To soothe dry nose (dry from winter/have a cold)
7. Eyelash treatment before bed to promote lash growth
8. Apply to cuticles to prevent polish mistakes
9. As a cuticle treatment
10. On elbows
11. Apply to feet and cover with socks over night for super soft feet
12. Mix with Kool-Aid to create tinted lip balm
13. Apply to teeth to prevent lipstick from getting on them
14. To ease off rings
15. On ends of hair to hide split ends
16. As brow gel
17. On cheeks for a dewy look
That's it! I know there are many more uses, but these are the ones I like the best!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Blogmas 2012: Day 20! EOS Lip Balm Review

EOS lips balms a super popular and raved about! I've been using them for quite a few years now and I really enjoy them! They are perfect for under lipsticks or lip glosses because it's a thinner balm and it's not overly creamy. They don't provide deep hydration, so I wouldn't use them for a night balm or anything but they are moisturizing enough to add under lip colors. They won't make your lipstick slide off or lack pigmentation. They also smell really great and look cute too! 
A few downsides are that they don't fit easily in your pocket, and they take up a little more space in your purse. They also aren't ideal for extremely dry lips.
The 3 I have currently are pomegranate raspberry (red), strawberry sorbet (pink), and sweet mint 9blue). My favorite scent is sweet mint, and as you can tell by the perfect dome shape it's brand new! I've also tried summer fruit (coral/red) and honeysuckle honeydew (green) in the past and loved them both!
These cost around $3-4 which is a bit expensive compared to Nivea essential lip balms which are $3 for 2. But if you're willing to "splurge" I think they're worth it!
That's it! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Blogmas 2013: Day 19! Winter Nail Polish Favorites

I'm finally putting up my winter nail polish faves! I did this for fall, so I thought I would try it again for winter!
When I think of winter colors, I think of deep reds, purples, blues and other cool-ish tones. I have 6 polish that I absolutely love and plan to wear a ton this season. I've already used a few of these in my Mani Mondays, which you cans check out under the nails section of my blog!
I've got 3 China Glaze colors (all from the Meet Me Under the Mistletoe collection), 2 Sinful Colors, and 1 Essie polish!
I think all of these colors are super festive and great for the winter-time! China Glaze cost around $7, Sinful Colors about $2, and Essie polishes cost about $9.
I hope this gave you some nail-spiration ;) , see you tomorrow!
Bye! =)