Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Blogmas 2013: Day 18! GHD Classic IV Styler

Today I'm doing a review on a hair product!
I don't talk much about hair on my blog, but I'd really like to start incorporating it!
I'm going to talk about the GHD Classic IV Styler I actually received last Christmas as a gift.
I had never had a fancy straightener like this before and I was super excited to try it out! I have very mixed opinions on this so lets just get started. 
It retails for $185 US dollars on the GHD website. On Sephora online it retails, for $185 US dollars or $225 CA dollars. 
"The original multi-award-winning ghd classic styler is the perfect tool for quick, effortless straightening and easy curls and waves. Suitable for all hair types and lengths. A brilliant all-rounder for everyday styling."
Heats up very fast
Long Cord
Lightweight and easy for travel
Glides across hair smoothly
Features a "sleep mode"
1-2 year guarantee depending where you buy 
Pin Straight Hair
No heat setting
Takes a very long time to straighten hair
Must take very small sections of hair
Does not lock closed

A few of my favorite features:
It heats up super fast and is ready in less than a minute! It also beeps when it's ready to be used. It has an automatic sleep mode in case you forget to turn it off, activated when not in use for 30 minutes. It gives you the straightest hair! 
I dislike that there is no way to change the temperature! It takes such a long time to straighten my hair with this. I have to tie off the top section of my hair, take tiny 1/2 inch strands, and run the flat iron over multiple times for pin straight hair. For me it takes at least 30 minutes to complete my whole head, keep in mind I have every thick, long hair. I have noticed with my other flat iron I can finish straightening within 15 minutes! Also I dislike the price! Nearly $200 for this isn't worth it to me. A flat iron that can handle thicker strands, with a temperature setting would be much more convenient.
I use this when I want very straight hair, for special events or when I feel I have the time. I do find myself having to tame flyaways after using this.
I wouldn't recommend this to someone with thick/long hair or someone who doesn't have the time in the morning. If you're looking for something that heats up fast and gives pin-straight hair, this is perfect!
That's pretty much all I can say about it, I really hope this helped!

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