Friday, December 27, 2013

Blogmas 2013: Day 27! Boxing Day haul

Yesterday, I went shopping for boxing day! (Similar to Black Friday but the day after Christmas).
I didn't get a ton of things but I am super content with what I got especially since Christmas was just the day before.
My favorite store of the trip was definitely Sephora, there were some great $12 steals!
Shea Infused lounge socks: 50% off
Hand Sanitizer: 75% off

cake After Dark 3 Piece Set for darker hues: $13 (worth $40)
Urban Decay Deluxe shadow box with mini Primer Potion: $12 special (worth $42)
MAKE UP FOREVER Aqua shadow duo: $12 (worth $48)
And finally, I got a blush/highlight from the Body Shop for $2 (regular price $22)
That's it! I hope you enjoyed seeing my new purchases (not trying to brag).
By the way, this post was photographed with my new CAMERA! I was super excited to start using it!
(I'm still getting used to it)

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