Saturday, May 31, 2014

Colors of the Rainbow ~ Purple! (Final color)

Hello everyone!
The Colors of the Rainbow posts are coming to an end! Today is the last color, purple. I've really enjoyed these posts and it was a fun little series to do. Here are my favorite purple products!

1. Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box. This has a ton of fun, pigmented colors that are great to play around with! there's 2 purple shades inside too!

2. Baby Lips in Peach Kiss. It's not actually purple but the packaging is!

3. Britney Spears Fantasy perfume. It smells amazing and it's not exactly purple but I threw it in there anyways!

4. Lush Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly. This is such a unique product with an amazing scent!

5. Urban Decay primer potion. This holds eyeshadow in place all day.

6. Benefit's Watts Up is a super universal highlighter in a champagne color. 

7. Urban Outfitters nail polish in Blue Jeans. This is a very unique blue toned purple, I love it!

8. China Glaze Charmed I'm Sure. Another purple polish, this one is much deeper. 

9. Sally Beauty Supply paddle brush. This is my everyday hairbrush and it works perfectly for my long, thick hair.

10. Goody hair tie. These hair ties are great for no crease ponytails or even around your wrist.

Well, that's it for Colors of the Rainbow! I hope you enjoyed this mini series/TAG. I'm not really sure what to call it.
Bye :)

Friday, May 30, 2014

May Favorites! ~ 2014

Another month is coming to an end and as June approaches I thought I should gather my ay favorites!
I've been using lots of things I bought and received in April and loving them! I don't have much else so say so on we go!

My first outdoor photos of the year! 
Starting off with beauty, you probably already know I've been loving the NAKED 2 palette I received for my birthday! It has all the colors I ever reach for and I can create new looks every day. I just posted a review last week, check it out here! 
I also received the Physicians Formula Nude Wear blush and have been using it everyday! It gives such a light flush of color and looks so natural.
Along with the blush, I've also been loving the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer. It's so fool-proof and it looks amazing!
My lash game has been on point this month with Lancome Hypnose Drama mascara. It gives so much volume and length it's insane.
And lastly Essie's Go Ginza has been on my nails nearly all month.

For body, skincare and what not I have a few items as well.
First is the Tone body wash in Mango Splash. I'm not usually a fan of mango but I've kind of been loving it lately, especially this scent!
At first I didn't realize a difference in my skin with Lush's Tea Tree Water, but recently it's cleared up the majority of my acne!
I have constantly been applying the Nivea Lip Butter this month. It's super moisturizing!
I forget the name of this perfume but I believe the scent is Cheery or something. it smells so floral-y and sweet and it's amazing. I'm not usually one for floral scents.

I also wanted to include some of my random and food favorites of the month because you can't forget those can you?!
I have been consistently writing in my Q&A a day journal every night before bed. I can't wait to look back on it in the years to come! 
I have really been loving voluminous hair this month. my hair is extremely flat so I've been teasing it with this Sally Beauty Supply teasing comb.
I have been eating a ton of fibre 1 bars and grapefruit cups. They're both so good!

I forgot one last thing when photographing my favorites, Benefit's cream shadow in Birthday Suit. I've been a bit crunched for time in the mornings and this is perfect for a quick eye look.

Those are all of my favorites, I hope you enjoyed! Onto another month!
Goodbye! =)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May Empties ~ 2014!

I completely lost track fo time and wasn't able to post on Monday or Tuesday! Sorry about that. Anyways, I'm back now with my May empties. I don't have very many but I thought I'd do it anyways. Enjoy, xx!

First off, hair products! I sadly finished the eva nyc shampoo. This smells amazing and it worked pretty well. I probably won't repurchase since it's fairly expensive. I also finished the TRESemmé conditioner which worked pretty well while it lasted.

I finished a smaller sized Colgate toothpaste. I prefer winter fresh but this is good too! I also used up a nivea lip balm and I haven't gotten around to repurchasing.
I got a Stay Matte foundation sample in a magazine and it surprisingly matched my color! it's very full coverage and a little cakey but I like it!

I was so sad to finish my favorite face wash that was discontinued. This works so good and I can't get it any more :( I tried a new face wash and I don't like it. I also finished up a full sized and a mini package of makeup wipes.

Those are all of my empties for the month!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Colors of the Rainbow ~ Blue!

Hey there!
Today is the 2nd last color of the rainbow, blue! I had a lot of fun choosing products for this category so I hope you enjoy! Blue is one of my favorite colors too!

1. Kirkland Facial Towelettes. These are so inexpensive and they do a pretty good job of removing my makeup. They also don't irritate my skin which is a must!

2. Dove deodorant. I don't like the Dove scented deodorants so I've just been using unscented. It lasts and it's very gentle.

3. Baby Lips Quenched. It's super moisturizing and it has SPF 20!

4. Nivea lip balm. This smells surprisingly good and it lasts so long!

5. Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation. This is amazing! It has medium coverage and a natural finish. It's one of my faves!

6, 7, 8 & 9. Sinful Colors nail polish in Midnight Blue, Essie's In the Cabana, Sally Hansen's Breezy Blue, and Sally Hansen's Pacific Blue are all beautiful blue polishes!

10. City Color New York Palette. This palette has some gorgeous blue shades perfect for under the lower lash line!

11. Wide tooth comb. Not sure of the brand, but this is perfect for combing out wet hair. 

Those are all of my favorite blue products! I hope you enjoyed and see you next time!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Urban Decay NAKED 2 Palette ~ Review & Swatches!

Hello everyone!
I have been waiting to post my review on the NAKED 2 palette for what feels like ages! I received this for my birthday and have been using it ever since. After years of wanting it I finally have it! Out of the 3 NAKED palettes, this was the one that appealed to me the most. The taupe-hued shades really stood out to me and are great neutrals for everyday. This palette is so versatile and can create numerous eye looks from bare to smokey.
Anyways, on with the review!

The palette came with a primer potion set containing 4 different eye primer samples. I was excited to see this because I have been wanting to try out Urban Decay's primer potion shades for a while now! I've been trying these out and they really do help shadow stay vibrant and last all day.

The samples are actually fairly large! It says they will last around a week, but I've been using Eden for nearly 3 weeks now and I still have lots left. A little goes a long way with this!

The packaging is almost like a tin case and it's very sturdy and good quality. The design is very simple and sleek and I really think it suits the palette. 
The NAKED 2 palette costs $64 CA and $54 US on 

The palette inside is spectacular! There are 12 taupe-hued neutrals (as the UD website states) which are all very unique. A few of my favorite shades are FOXY, BOOTY CALL, VERVE, AND BUSTED.
My go-to look recently has been FOXY on the inner corner and brow-bone, BOOTY CALL and VERVE all over the lid, and a mixture of browns such as BUSTED and SNAKEBITE in the crease.
The palette has a great selection of shades from very light shades to extremely deep shades. There are 3 mattes in the palette which are great shadows to have. I really love shimmer so this palette is perfect for me!


The shadows have amazing pigmentation! However a few of the shadows don't show up as pigmented on the eyes as they do swatched. They're so smooth and velvety and they blend so easily. The shadows create the most stunning eye-makeup looks that last all day. All of the shades in the palette correspond with each other creating opportunity for endless looks. It's perfect for day or night!

It also comes with a dual-ended makeup brush which is another great bonus to this palette! The brush is a fairly good quality brush with a side great for packing on color and a side perfect for blending. The bristles are very soft and they blend the shadows effortlessly.

The swatches are so buttery (funny but accurate chose of words!) and smooth!

Here's an up close of the texture of the eyeshadows. 


Pigmentation: 9/10
Lasting Power (with primer): 10/10
Lasting Power (without primer): 9/10
Blend-ability: 10/10
Packaging: 10/10
Price: 7/10 Pricey but almost average for high-end palettes.
Downside: Some shadows aren't as pigmented and some shadows lose pigmentation with light blending.
Would I repurchase?: Probably, if I ever run out
Would I recommend?: Definitively!
Overall: 9/10!

I hope you enjoyed this review & sorry for the length! I wanted to fit in as much info as possible!
Bye! :)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara Review!

Hello everyone!
I'm doing a review of the L'Oreal Voluminous mascara today. This is my second tube of this and it's one of my favorites. It very affordable and easy to access!
I hope you enjoy!

You can find this at nearly any drugstore for around $6. I prefer the Carbon Black version because I like my lashes super dark.

The packaging is just classic and round with fairly neutral colors. The brush is kind of a typical mascara wand with bristles not plastic. I really like the brush as I feel it prevents clumps. The mascara is a fairly wet formula which I really enjoy, it makes it easier to build!
I wiggle the brush on my lashes and it gives an even coat with rarely any clumps. It doesn't flake off and it removes fairly easily. The finished look is long and voluminous with no clumps. I completely forgot to photograph my lashes!


Lasting power: 10/10!
Price: 10/10
Volume: 8/10
Length: 9/10
Clumping (10:no clumps, 1:lots of clumps): 8/10
Would I repurchase?: Yes!
Would I recommend?: Definitely!
Overall: 9.5/10

Overall I love this mascara and will definitely continue to use it! I hope this review was helpful!
Bye =)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sephora Online Order Haul!

I recently placed my first order on! I was pretty disappointing as they didn't accept my gift card because I was shipping to Canada so I actually caved and bought it myself. At least I have a few Sephora gift cards left! Anyways, I had been eying this kit for a while now and it was limited edition and online exclusive so I just had to order it. It was an amazing deal, and I wanted most of the products so I ordered it! My Mum also ordered something so we put our order together and it worked perfectly and got us free shipping (I hate paying for shipping)!

When ordering on Sephora, you can choose 3 samples to add at no extra cost. I chose 2 and my Mum also chose one which was the living proof hair sample set with 3 samples. She's really been loving it! 
There was an unexpected surprise when I opened the box. There was a perfume sample set sitting at the top of to package.  It came with five, one-use perfume samples which was a nice little surprise!
I tried a few and I really liked the Dolce & Gabbana one!

The samples I chose were two by Make Up For Ever. First, their HD primer which I'm going to try for a special event coming up. I also wanted to try their HD pressed powder. They're both quite tiny but fun to try!
I also chose a Beauty Insider perk! With a $35 purchase I could get a shadow sampler from Urban Decay. I didn't realize how tiny the shadows were but oh well!

I gave the primer and 3 of the shadows to my Mum as I already have them in my collection and I can't wait to use Desperation which is a gorgeous dark taupe.

 I kinda wish the packaging was a little nicer considering it's high end, but I don't really mind too much.

I've never tried anything from Too Faced before and I had heard great things about it, especially the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer.
This kit is called Paparazzi Ready and I thought it would be perfect to try some Too Faced products!
The bronzer is originally $38, so for $38 I got it all!
I'm kind of troubled when it comes to bronzer. It either looks orange or streaky on me. After using this for a while I think I may have found a new favorite! (Full review coming soon!)

For $48 I got a full sized bronzer, which smells divine, a full sized lip gloss, in a very wearable color, a full sized eyeliner, in classic black, a mini beauty balm, in a shade much too dark for me, and a mini mascara, perfect for travel!

That's all for this haul, I can't wait to review this after I've tried it a bit more, Bye!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Colors of the Rainbow ~ Green!

Hello everyone!
I have my favorite green products for today! I couldn't find a ton but I hope this will suffice, hope you enjoy =)

1. BBW Beautiful Day body mist. This smells so fresh and fruity and it's a great, light scent!

2. Sally Hansen nail polish in Mint Sorbet.This is one of my favorite polishes. It's perfect for Spring and super affordable!

3. Gosh Treat Me hair mask. This isn't super special but it's the hair mask I've been using lately and the packaging is green so just go with it!

4. Essie's First Timer. This is a super unique green polish and I actually kinda enjoy it!

5. Simple eye makeup remover. This is so gentle and doesn't feel oily at all! I love it!

6. Dermal Green Tea sheet mask. I haven't tried this kind yet but I've tried other masks from the brand and I love them! They're so refreshing.

7. NYX pigment in Jade. This color is super vibrant and perfect for a pop of color under the lashline!

That's all for my green products!
Hope you enjoyed, see you next time! :)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Physicians Formula Nude Wear Blush ~ Review!

Physicians Formula is a brand I've never tried anything from before. I always overlook it at the drugstore but after trying this blush I received for my Birthday, I think I'll take a look next time. Their products always intimidate me with the price but I think it would be worth it to splurge once in a while.

The blush retails for $15.99 but Physicians Formula often has sales. 

The packaging is too cute to pass up! The colors and the bow make it so girly. 

There are 4 different shades with a shimmery topcoat on the letters.

One thing I didn't realize was that the shimmer was just a top coat and it rubbed off with one swipe. I was a little disappointed, but oh well.

When I took the photos, I swatched it with the shimmer so the swatch isn't true to color.

The blush is meant to be a sheer wash off color for a Bare Skin Effect (quoted from their website).
This isn't for someone who likes dramatic bright blush but it's great for everyday wear! This is perfect for me because it's nearly impossible to go overboard on blush. It wear well and looks so natural. The colors mixed together give a very natural pink flush to the cheeks.


Packaging: 9.5/10! (It's a bit bulky)
Price: 6.5/10
Lasting Power: 8/10
Color payoff: It's sheer but it's meant to be.
Blend-ability: 9/10
Would I repurchase?: Most likely!
Would I recommend?: YES!
Overall: 8.5/10!

That's all, I hope you enjoyed!
Bye! =)