Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sephora Online Order Haul!

I recently placed my first order on Sephora.ca! I was pretty disappointing as they didn't accept my gift card because I was shipping to Canada so I actually caved and bought it myself. At least I have a few Sephora gift cards left! Anyways, I had been eying this kit for a while now and it was limited edition and online exclusive so I just had to order it. It was an amazing deal, and I wanted most of the products so I ordered it! My Mum also ordered something so we put our order together and it worked perfectly and got us free shipping (I hate paying for shipping)!

When ordering on Sephora, you can choose 3 samples to add at no extra cost. I chose 2 and my Mum also chose one which was the living proof hair sample set with 3 samples. She's really been loving it! 
There was an unexpected surprise when I opened the box. There was a perfume sample set sitting at the top of to package.  It came with five, one-use perfume samples which was a nice little surprise!
I tried a few and I really liked the Dolce & Gabbana one!

The samples I chose were two by Make Up For Ever. First, their HD primer which I'm going to try for a special event coming up. I also wanted to try their HD pressed powder. They're both quite tiny but fun to try!
I also chose a Beauty Insider perk! With a $35 purchase I could get a shadow sampler from Urban Decay. I didn't realize how tiny the shadows were but oh well!

I gave the primer and 3 of the shadows to my Mum as I already have them in my collection and I can't wait to use Desperation which is a gorgeous dark taupe.

 I kinda wish the packaging was a little nicer considering it's high end, but I don't really mind too much.

I've never tried anything from Too Faced before and I had heard great things about it, especially the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer.
This kit is called Paparazzi Ready and I thought it would be perfect to try some Too Faced products!
The bronzer is originally $38, so for $38 I got it all!
I'm kind of troubled when it comes to bronzer. It either looks orange or streaky on me. After using this for a while I think I may have found a new favorite! (Full review coming soon!)

For $48 I got a full sized bronzer, which smells divine, a full sized lip gloss, in a very wearable color, a full sized eyeliner, in classic black, a mini beauty balm, in a shade much too dark for me, and a mini mascara, perfect for travel!

That's all for this haul, I can't wait to review this after I've tried it a bit more, Bye!

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