Monday, May 19, 2014

Colors of the Rainbow ~ Green!

Hello everyone!
I have my favorite green products for today! I couldn't find a ton but I hope this will suffice, hope you enjoy =)

1. BBW Beautiful Day body mist. This smells so fresh and fruity and it's a great, light scent!

2. Sally Hansen nail polish in Mint Sorbet.This is one of my favorite polishes. It's perfect for Spring and super affordable!

3. Gosh Treat Me hair mask. This isn't super special but it's the hair mask I've been using lately and the packaging is green so just go with it!

4. Essie's First Timer. This is a super unique green polish and I actually kinda enjoy it!

5. Simple eye makeup remover. This is so gentle and doesn't feel oily at all! I love it!

6. Dermal Green Tea sheet mask. I haven't tried this kind yet but I've tried other masks from the brand and I love them! They're so refreshing.

7. NYX pigment in Jade. This color is super vibrant and perfect for a pop of color under the lashline!

That's all for my green products!
Hope you enjoyed, see you next time! :)

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