Thursday, July 31, 2014

July favorites 2014

I must say, I'm pretty sad that July is ending and Summer is half done. I really enjoyed my July for the most part and even had the chance to try some new products. Here are the products I've been loving and using in July!

The Not your mother's detangler works super well especially with chlorine in your hair after the pool!
Pacifica's Indian coconut nectar roller ball smells divine and is a great, light summer scent.
I wore Sally Hansen's Breezy Blue for the majority of the month and it's a great summer color!
Nivea's mattifying day cream has added spf while keeping me matte!

I've been wearing little makeup lately so I don't have to much. The L'Oreal voluminous mascara can double as a light or dramatic lash look.
The elf eyebrow kit is amazing for bold or natural brows!
I'm obsessed with the UD primer potion and the NYX gloss is LA LA is an amazing bright coral!
That's it, sorry for the quickie today! My computer is giving me trouble so sorry if the layout is all over the place.
 Enjoy the last bit of July! :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July empties 2014

These last few days of July have been super busy for me. I nearly forgot about my July empties and luckily I remembered just in time. It's super hot and I'm very tired, but I'm hoping this post isn't too out of the ordinary. enjoy!

I didn't enjoy this Gosh hair mask. The scent wasn't nice and it didn't do much for my hair. Would not repurchase.

I love the Rusk cream detangler! I apply it to wet hair and it removes knots and makes if effortless to brush through. I would and have repurchased although I'm having trouble finding it.

I finished the Tone mango body wash and it smells divine! I really love it and have already repurchased!

I don't think this counts as an empty but my loofah was falling apart so I bought a new one. This one's from the Body Shop if you care.

I finished yet another package of makeup wipes.
I also finished my elf daily brush cleanser and already have a new one on the go.

And I also used up a sample of UD Eden primer potion. It lasted quite some time!

That's all I finished this month!
I hope you're enjoying July!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

7 steps to stellar lashes!

Lashes can make or break your entire look and they're one of my favorite parts of my makeup! I love voluminous, black lashes without clumping or looking spidery. I've played around with numerous mascaras and techniques and have found the way that works best for me. These tips may not be perfect for everyone, but I thought I'd share them since I use them almost daily! 
Here are my 7 steps to stellar lashes! :)

1. Look down onto a mirror as you apply mascara. I use this tip everyday and my lashes don't turn out the same without it! Place a pocket mirror on your desk and look down.

2. Wiggle to brush from the base of your lashes up, to help prevent clumps. I always find myself wiggling the mascara wand when applying mascara as it applies a more even layer and gives less clumps. 

3. Apply waterproof mascara over regular to set and make removal easier. If there's a chance I'll been in the water or sweating a lot, I'll do a quick coat of waterproof over top of my regular mascara to prevent smudging. It's also easier to remove than waterproof mascara alone.

4. Wipe excess mascara of on side of tube. When pulling out the wand, wipe of the excess from the tip of the wand. It prevent you from getting mascara everywhere.

5. Combine lengthening and voluminizing mascaras to create a flawless combo. I like applying both a voluminizing and a lengthening mascara to give the best of both worlds!

6. Use a clean mascara wand to remove clumps. Wiggle a clean wand through you lashes to separate and remove clumps. 

7. Use the blackest mascara for a dramatic look. Using the blackest black will give you lashes a bold and dramatic look rather than using a dark greyish black or brown.

Those are all of my lash tips, Hope you enjoyed!
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Enjoy your day!