Tuesday, July 22, 2014

San Diego food fun

As I said yesterday, I recently got back a from a short, little vacation to San Diego. We stayed in a hotel so it was difficult to eat in, so we ate out for most lunches and dinners. There were a few duds thrown in there but for to most part, the food was great! I took a ton of photos, as I usually do since I find it fun to look back on it in the future. I was planning on adding these photos to yesterday's post, but I thought I'd split it up so it wasn't too overwhelming! Also, some of the photos aren't the best quality as I took a few on my phone but I tried to use my camera for the most part! I hope you enjoy and let me know if you've tried any of these places!

I managed to get my Panera fix on the first day! I had it for the first time in Palm Springs last November and have been craving it ever since! I tried something different this time, I ordered the half turkey BLT and half mac n cheese with a baguette on the side. The sandwich wasn't my favorite, just not my type, but the mac n cheese...wow. Probably the best mac n cheese I'd every had! Then again, I very rarely order mac n cheese. Anyways it was delicious and I'm super sad I can't get my hands on it.

Of course I had to have some more of my favorites, iced green tea and a cheese danish. The green tea is super unique and they're both so delicious!

We went to the Fantail Cafe on board the USS Midway, as we were starving and it was our only choice. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality for a little "touristy" cafe!

I ordered a French Dip and it was actually quite nice! The beef was well cooked and the cheese was perfectly melted. I really enjoyed it and the chips were good too!

To drink, I had the Honest tea Half & Half and it was super refreshing and a nice break from overly sweet drinks.

My Dad ordered the Cob Salad or something like that, haha! He really enjoyed it too!

For dinner, we went to the Ocean Beach area and stumbled upon Hodad's. We had heard about it but we weren't searching for it, it was just a lucky surprise! The interior was similar to Cheeseburger in Paradise, in Hawaii with all the license plates and such. it was quite small and there was a line to get in. We managed to skip the line since there were only 2 of us. 

The menu was quite simple which I love since it makes it easy to decide!
I ordered the Single Cheeseburger with water to drink.

My Dad got the same and we also shared an order of Frings.

In all honesty, it was one of (if not the) best burgers I've ever had! it was juicy and had delicious melted cheese and it was the perfect ratio of meat to bun. The Frings were great too, all very well done! if you're in the San Diego area, I would definitely recommend stopping by one of their locations!

I manged to find a little Macaron stand and picked up a salted caramel one! I haven't had many macarons but this was great and had a nice chewy center. I can't remember the name of the place!

I didn't catch photos of every meal, but I believe I only missed two!

We had Chipotle for dinner one night and it was very nice! I got a burrito with Carnitas, cilantro lime white rice, black beans, and cheese. It was quite tasty!

I made it to the Cheesecake Factory! I had kind of been itching to try it out and I was finally able to!
I was shocked at how huge the menu was! It took me a while to decide, but I ended up choosing the Cuban Sandwich and I think I made the right choice! It was a sandwich with an odd sounding combination of pork, ham, swiss, pickles, mustard, and mayo on a pressed roll. It was so good!I could only finish half as I was much too full, but I wish I could have finished. To drink I got a Strawberry Lemonade and it was super delicious and not too sweet!

I was so happy to find a Rita's in San Diego (Carslbad actually)! I had heard endless good things about it and was super excited to try it! They were super kind and let us sample the flavors. We both chose the Strawberry Mango ice with Vanilla custard.

The ice was so fine and the custard so smooth. I would definitely go back and I truly enjoyed it! It was a great treat for our last day!

Our last meal was IN-N-OUT. I've been a few times and I love it. I believe it's only in California so I go whenever I have the chance. We both ordered the Cheeseburger with a side of fries and I got a vanilla shake. I can't say enough good about it! It's such a nice meal you just have to try it. The shakes taste good but they are super hard to get out since they're so thick. This was a great way to end our trip!

I got some really good tortilla chips in a snack box on the plane ride home. I was super surprised that they were delicious! They were lightly salted and very crunchy!

Well, that's all I've got! I really hope you enjoyed this little fun post!
Have a great day! :)

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