Thursday, July 24, 2014

San Diego haul ~ Beauty, fashion, food & more!

I always get excited when going to the US because the shopping is great! Prices are better, there's often more selection and different products! I must say, Canada has recently been getting a lot better, newer products are making their way over and there's even a few brands I haven't yet seen in the US! I guess I just enjoy the change in stores and atmosphere when shopping across the border. While I was in San Diego, I had to do some shopping of course. We were only there for around 5 days but I still managed to hit up every store I was hoping to! I spent much less money than I expected, as a found some really great deals. I didn't go crazy, because I've been feeling like I have everything I need at the moment, but since I had been on a shopping ban for the past few months, I decided to treat myself a bit. I hope you enjoy!

I got some clothing! I haven't gotten new clothing in a while and it was much needed (wanted...).

I think I'm the only person who doesn't own a plaid shirt so I bought one from Forever 21. it was only $19.80 and it's super soft! I have long arms so the sleeves don't fit too well, but I think I'll just roll them up.

I got this boxy, textured, blue crop top from Forever 21 also. I really wish this wasn't a crop top, since I have trouble styling crop tops, but I try to work something out. it's a super unique material.

I picked up a couple of plain tees as well from F21. They were only $3,80 and I wish I had gotten more! I'm actually wearing the grey one right now!

I picked up these California graphic tops from Ross. The left one is a T-shirt. I think I'll probably just wear it for lounging since I don't love the cut, and it's super long but very comfy. The one on the right is a tank and it fits perfect! Left was $5.99, right was $6.99. 

I picked up some Roxy shorts from Ross as well. I got them in a size smaller and they're way too big! I'll try and shrink them in the wash. 

Moving on to accessories, I picked up the "bib" necklace from  F21 and I can't wait to wear it!

I was in need of a new purse so I picked this cross body up from Charming Charlie. It was only $22! It's a bit too small, but I couldn't pass it up!

I also needed a wallet (badly), and I found this one at Urban Outfitters. It's perfect!

I decided to try out some hair products I can't get at home. I picked up the Not Your Mother's Detangler spray from Ulta. I tried it the other night and I really like it! I bought the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle at Target. I have heard endless things about this and I can't find it anywhere in Canada! I tried it and I'm falling in love.

I couldn't leave without any food of course. Picked up a few things and can't wait to eat it! 

The Target I went to didn't have the best elf selection, so I only picked up a few things. I repurchases the clear mascara and tried a few new things as well.

I found this Pacific roller ball at Kitson and it smells divine! And it was only $12!
I got the NYX gloss in LA LA, at CVS, and a couple of Jordana liners from Walgreens.

We stopped by Daiso, which is kind of a Japanese "dollar" store and I picked up a new notebook, blotting sheets, tweezers, and lip balm. It was all $1.50 each!

I had been wanting to get my hands on the drawers for years! I managed to make it to The Container Store to buy these. I can't wait to organize some of my makeup!

And that's a wrap! I hope this was enjoyable!
Have an amazing day! =)

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