Sunday, July 6, 2014

Top 5 Lip Products!

Hello Everyone!
Continuing on with the Top 5 series, I thought I would do my Top 5 lip products today! These are more colored lip products as opposed to balms and such as I thought I'd save that for a different post. I don't use lip products all that often, but when I do these are my favorites! I hope you enjoy and possibly gain some inspiration!
Enjoy, xx

The first is the NYX soft matte lip creams. One of my favorite shades is Tokyo because it's so versatile! I love Blending them out and adding a little bit of lip balm for a semi-matte finish. These last so long and are definitely worth the $6!

I just realized that 3/5 products are by NYX! Oh well! Next up is the NYX lip gloss. I have 2 Shades and I'd love to try more. They have a strong cherry scent, like cherry candies. I like it but some may not. They aren't very sticky and they glide on so easily. NYX products are all great steals and this one is only $5!

I promise this is the last NYX product of the post! I only have one shade of the round lipsticks. The shade I have is in Tea Rose. It's a gorgeous mauve pink and it's so creamy! It glides on your lips and feels so smooth! This one's only $4!

I've talked about Baby Lips so many times on my blog so I don't have much new to say! They are so moisturizing and some of them have SPF. The sheer colors are great for everyday wear and they're only $4!

Lastly, I have another gloss. The Too Faced Sweet Sun Shines gloss in Mocha is not sticky at all and it's so smooth. It's a great shade for any skin tone and it matches with everything. I don't think Too faced sells this separately as I got this in the Paparazzi Kit.

That's all for my Top 5 Lip Products! Let me know what you would like next for Top 5! 
Bye (:

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