Friday, July 4, 2014

Saving Skin From Summer Sun

Today I thought I'd post on sun protection for the summer since it's super important for many reasons! I'm the type of person that (sadly) burns super easily instead of tanning. Sun burns aren't fun so I make sure to try to prevent them. If you are someone who doesn't burn easily, I envy you! Haha, on a more serious note, you probably don't need such a high SPF but sunscreen still is important to prevent further damage. Here are the products I use to save my skin from the sun!

The obvious is sunscreen! I have lotion but I like the sprays too, they're much easier. I usually opt for and SPF around 30. I also have a few different kinds. If I'm going to the beach or pool, I use a waterproof sunscreen so that I don't have to re-apply. I usually use just a regular SPF 30 sunscreen. If I do happen to have a tan, I sometimes use the Hawaiian Tropic's Shimmer Effect on my legs. it enhances a tan by adding some shimmer.

I likes using face products that contain a bit of SPF daily. My face is my least favorite place to be sunburned. it hurts and it's hard to coverup.

My Nivea daily facial moisturizing contains SPF 15!

My Covergirl foundation contains SPF 20!

If you do happen to get burned, my favorite way to soothe is is Hawaiian Tropic's After sun lotion. it smells amazing and soothes your skin. Aloe Gel works great too!

That's pretty much all I use! I hope this was helpful, Happy Summer!
Bye :)

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