Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July empties 2014

These last few days of July have been super busy for me. I nearly forgot about my July empties and luckily I remembered just in time. It's super hot and I'm very tired, but I'm hoping this post isn't too out of the ordinary. enjoy!

I didn't enjoy this Gosh hair mask. The scent wasn't nice and it didn't do much for my hair. Would not repurchase.

I love the Rusk cream detangler! I apply it to wet hair and it removes knots and makes if effortless to brush through. I would and have repurchased although I'm having trouble finding it.

I finished the Tone mango body wash and it smells divine! I really love it and have already repurchased!

I don't think this counts as an empty but my loofah was falling apart so I bought a new one. This one's from the Body Shop if you care.

I finished yet another package of makeup wipes.
I also finished my elf daily brush cleanser and already have a new one on the go.

And I also used up a sample of UD Eden primer potion. It lasted quite some time!

That's all I finished this month!
I hope you're enjoying July!

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