Saturday, July 19, 2014

Live Clean (Apple Cider) Clarifying Shampoo

Hello everyone!
I recently picked up a clarifying shampoo from the drugstore as I had never used one before. I was hoping it would help clear product build-up from my hair and simply refresh it. I've been using this every Friday for a little while. I've never tried anything by live clean before this but it smelt nice so i decided to give it a go! Here's my thoughts!

As you can see, I'm already about half way through the bottle. I like the consistency, it's a fairly clear, gel-like formula and it lathers fairly well. It has a nice apple cider scent too. I don't notice too much of a change after using this, but my hair does feel a bit lighter and refreshed. 

I haven't noticed anything super special about this but nothing bother me either. I'm not sure if I'll repurchase but I do like it and will use it up.

I hope this was helpful & that you enjoyed!
bye! :)

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