Friday, December 6, 2013

Blogmas 2013: Day 6! Covergirl BB Cream

I love the idea of BB creams. An all in one product which evens out your skin tone with light coverage, protects from the sun, and moisturizes. I really likes the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream but I ran out so I decided to try the Cover Girl one. I was really disappointed with it after a few uses.
It claims to be a 9-in-1 Instant Skin Enhancer. 
I'd say 9-in-1 is kind of pushing it since it doesn't do much. 
It's claims are:
-Natural Looking Radiance
-Sheer Color
-All Day Hydration
-Improves Skin Elasticity
-Blends Effortlessly
-Helps Skin Feel Smooth
-Covers to Help Instantly Improve Skin`s Appearance
-Won`t Clog Pores
I find that the 9 enhancements aren't really enhancements, just things to be expected when buying a BB Cream.
The only thigns I would agree with is that it blends well and it's lightweight.
The consistency appears thick, but when blended in it`s very thin and almost liquid-y. It blends into nothing. I don`t see it covering any redness, blemishes or discoloration. It doesn't even out my skin tone or even protect from the sun (there's no SPF in it)! It does have great moisturizing qualities but that's what my moisturizer is for. I don`t find this to be a very good product and I wouldn't recommend it. 
I don't like doing negative reviews like this but, these are my honest opinions and different people may have different thoughts.
I was really disappointing with this product and definitely wouldn't go back for it.
That concludes Blogmas Day 6! I hope you enjoyed!

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