Saturday, July 25, 2015

25 {BEAUTY} things to do when you're bored!

I recently posted a "Things to do when you're bored" Summer edition. Since this is mainly a beauty blog, I thought "why not do a beauty edition?" So that is exactly what I'm doing! Here's 25 MORE ideas of things to do when your bored, but these ones are directed to the beauty lovin' gals. Also please ignore the photo for this post. it's pretty irrelevant but I needed something!

1. Do a face mask
 I do this every Sunday and it's so relaxing!

2. Try a DIY lip scrub  
This is a fun little DIY to make your lips feelin' real soft!

3. Paint your nails
 I also do this every Sunday! It's such a fun way to change up your look.

4. Curl/straighten your hair
Sometime you've just gotta use heat on your hair to get glam!

5. Try on some new outfits 
 I often do this when I'm really bored. I raid my closet and usually come out with outfits I never knew I had.

6. Go to Sephora and try on new makeup
 I am definitely guilty of taking major advantage of Sephora's testers.

7. Test out a bright, bold liner
 Even if you're just at home watching Netflix, you can still go for a bolder look!

8. Curl your hair with rollers
 Now this is something new! I've never tried it but it seems time consuming... Maybe that's just what I need?

9. Put on a full face of makeup (Foundation, concealer, eyeliner etc..)
 Take your time and go the whole 9 yards. It's surprisingly therapeutic. Play some music too!

10. Use a temporary hair dye
It's always fun to switch up your hair a bit, especially if it's only temporary. 

11. Apply some flash tattoos
 Ah, I love those things!

12. Try whitening your teeth with baking soda & hydrogen peroxide 
 I actually tried this last week and will have a whole post about it in the future.

13. Try some bold lipstick shades
 Not much else to say about this one.

14. Re-organize your makeup collection 
 This is not only a time-killer but kind of a necessity.

15. Have a Beauty Rehab 
 Do it! It's refreshing!

16. Dig out forgotten products and use them again
 I have definitely been doing this lately. I've found some old gems in the process!

17. Try over-lining your lips
 Why not copy Kylie?

18. Follow a YouTube makeup tutorial 
 Like step by step completely! Does it look the same?

19. Browse some beauty blogs for new tips

20. Try ombre blush/lips
 I've seen it on Pinterest, it's a thing!

21. Try new eyeliner styles 
 Eyeliner is just my fave to play around with!

22. Find makeup dupes!
 And share 'em, on your very own beauty blog!

23. Make a DIY hair mask
 You hair needs some TLC too!

24. Test your nail art skills
 I'm sure they're a solid 10/10.

25. Find your skin undertone (there are many sites to show you how) and adjust your makeup accordingly 
 I still haven't found mine..

That's about it! Hopefully this helps kill your boredom. 

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