Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Beauty rehab

We all get lazy and put off cleaning our makeup brushes for weeks, maybe even months. Eventually we do clean them since we know they house bacteria but do we ever think of cleaning the rest of our makeup and beauty products? You definitely don't need to clean all of your beauty collection as often as your brushes, but it is something you shouldn't forget to do!. This post is all on how to deep clean your makeup station to freshen and tidy everything up. 
I know I can admit that I tend to hold onto makeup I absolutely never use! I've always been kind proud of my large (to me) collection and I don't really want to let anything go. Once in a while, I force myself to get rid of things I never find myself using. However, you don't just have to throw things sway, there are other ways to use your old makeup!

Here is my makeup desk. It's where I get ready every morning, get un ready every night, and basically where I really do any beauty regimen. It gets pretty cluttered and messy. Papers pile up, makeup is left out, products get cluttered. Every once in a while, I'd say every 2 weeks to a month, I like to clean it all up a bit. Usually all I do is wipe down the desktop and tidy it up a bit. However, here's what I do when I go the whole 9 yards. 

 My drawers were cluttered and a bit over-full.

 My brushes were oh-so-dirty!

 My daily products cluttered as usual.

 My brushes have seen better days.

And my organizers were looking a little cloudy, not it a good way!

I came prepared with my three besties when it comes to my "beauty rehab". Surface wipes, baby shampoo (you'll see why), and a couple of cloths!

I like to start by clearing the area, one side at a time, and wiping the tabletop down with a wipe. A lot of dust tends to build up and no one wants that!

 Start one section at a time and clean as you go. First go through to see what you want to keep or toss. Don't throw anything out yet, you may be able to re purpose it in the end!

I tidied up my "product back up bin" and got rid of a few things that didn't belong.
Then I cleaned out my three drawer organizer. I wiped down all of my products, all of the drawers, and I sorted through to see if there was anything I didn't need in there. 

 Don't pass by cleaning the inside of your makeup too!

 As well as the mirrors of your compacts!

 I tackled my products bin, moved out the things I don't use daily and wiped down all of the products.

 I also cleaned my hairbrushes which is so easy and worth it! 
First I picked out all of the hair, the end of a comb works really well! To clean them all I did was fill the sink with a small amount of regular shampoo and warm water and soaked them for around 30 minutes. Then leave them to dry bristle side down. This gets rid of an oils and such.

I also cleaned my makeup brushes with baby shampoo.

 I sorted through my drawers, got rid of products I don't use and wiped everything down too!

Don't just throw everything away! You can re purpose a lot of your stuff!
Wash your favorite mascara wands with some water and a bit of soap and you now have your own brow spooleys or clean mascara wands.
Check to see if the brand has a recycling program like back to MAC.
Clean out your old lipsticks and make a DIY lisptick!

Also make sure to replace things like face sponges, loofahs and even your hairbrushes once in a while!

I hope this was helpful, good luck with your beauty rehab!

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