Thursday, May 28, 2015

Top 3 airport essentials (other than the obvious)

This is going to be my last travel-themed post of the month! I figured I'd share my top 3 holy grail items I cannot travel without. These are other than obvious essentials like passport and what not! These items really help the plane ride go a lot more smoothly. 

1st: Gum! Gum helps relieve ear pressure a little bit but it also just gives me something to do without really doing anything.

I can't leave without my lotion! My hands get so dry on the plane and just in general and it is the most uncomfortable feeling to me.

Headphones are my third and final must. If I could only do one thing on the plane, it would be listen to music! It really helps pass the time and relax me.

Those are my top 3 airport essentials!

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