Friday, May 8, 2015

Travel makeup bag

 I think I'm going to be sharing a ton of travel posts in the next little while! I'm going to be traveling a little bit pretty soon so I figured I'd share all about it! I always switch up what's in my travel makeup bag so I find it fun to share! I shared this post last summer and it has changed a bit so I'm sharing my updated bag!

The makeup bag is from a Tarte set I received for Christmas. it's absolutely perfect  for travel since it's the perfect size and easy to wipe down if it gets messy!

First off: Face products!
I like to bring my First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer. It soaks in super fast saving a bit of time!
For foundation, I have to bring my holy grail, Covergirl's 3 in 1 along with my knockoff beauty sponge!
I prefer to limit it to 1 of each product but I feel the end to take 2 concealers. The FIT me one is super light and great for under eyes while Glamofluage is heavier and covers blemishes better.
I chose to bring my mini smashbox primer since it's so tiny and could be useful for long travel days or nights out.
Of course, I've gotta bring my Rimmel Stay Matte with my angled kabuki!
In case I'm looking to add a bit of color, I'll bring my Too Faced bronzer and Real Techniques powder brush. 

Next up: Eyes!
I've always gotta bring my NAKED 2 palette! It's so versatile and comes in handy when traveling.For brushes, I brought a couple of Forever 21 eye brushes and a brow comb.
I bring one brow product, the brow drama by Maybelline. It adds like color and sets them in place.
Not sure why but I threw in my elf brow gel, but I don't think I meant to do that ;)
In case I'm looking for soem drama, I bring my felt liner by Maybelline. 
I also threw in an elf eye primer for the shadows to last.
And of course, I like to bring a deluxe sample sized mascara.

To finish off, I tossed in 2 lip options. A bright gloss and nude balm as well as a clear lip balm. And for tying my hair back a like to bring a scrunchie.

Happy traveling!

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