Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Favorite quotes

I've been really into positivity lately and I've been really enjoying quotes as well. I figured I'd share my favorite ones to spread some positive! My wall calendar this year is full of beautiful quotes that I love looking at everyday! I also resort to Pinterest when quote searching. I decided to jazz up the quotes a bit by editing them instead of just typing them out. I didn't create the quotes but I did create the images! Here are my favorites!

This is a quote by Rumi and I love it because it's basically saying do what you love which is something I try to live by.

This is one of my top favorites. We often get caught in dull patches and that's where we need to search for joy.

This one is fairly self-explanatory and I love it!

I find this quote really motivation for me to get rid of my excuses.

This is another self-explanatory one and it's also something I need to work on.

I find that in the world there are so many people working all day to have nice things, but then they never get time to enjoy what they've worked for.

Sometimes the simplest are the best ones.

This is something extremely important to me. I value gratefulness very much and think everyone should incorporate it into their day!

It's very important to rid yourself of negative energy and surround yourself with those who lift you mood. This is another Rumi quote.

This one is super simple but it's something I think we all need to remember.

I hope you enjoyed & feel free to share your favorite quotes below!

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