Thursday, May 7, 2015

Beauty Tip: 2 DIY Lip Scrubs

I feel like my lips have been super dry lately and I needed a solution, fast! I have never really liked the Lush lip scrub since I find it overpriced and for me personally, it didn't work too amazing. I found 2 really easy, cheap and useful ways to exfoliate your lips without spending $10 or more on a lip scrub!

The first lip scrub, is a DIY sugar scrub. This works so well and it smells great! You can make just enough for a couple of uses or you can whip up a batch to last a while. Just make sure to store it in an airtight container.
It's super easy to make and you should have all the ingredients on hand!
I used 4 ingredients, but you could use as little as 2! I'll share all of the variations you can make with this simple sugar scrub.

For the variation I chose to make, I used white sugar (you could use brown), olive oil (or any oil really), honey and vanilla extract!
You could also use just sugar and olive oil...
Or sugar and honey...
Or possibly even just sugar and vanilla extract, but I've never tried that one!
You could substitute the vanilla for another flavor of choice too!

I prefer to go the extra mile and use 4 ingredients. The sugar is a necessity for scrubbing the lips, the olive oil helps to add moisture, the honey gives a good consistency and scent, and the vanilla is also for scent!

I didn't measure, since it's not very necessary. You basically add the ingredients in order to create your desired consistency. I used mostly sugar, a few drops of olive oil, about the same amount of honey as oil, and just a splash or two of vanilla.
Mix it all together, apply it to your lips and rinse off!

The other method is to use a toothbrush as a lip scrub! Just brush your lips as you would your teeth, maybe a bit more gentle. Make sure to rinse off your toothbrush and your lips afterwards. Maybe don't use your daily toothbrush for this one!

You can even combine the two methods by applying the sugar scrub to your toothbrush then scrubbing your lips for a double duty scrub!

Happy scrubbing!

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  1. I love this do it yourself project because it's so simple. I'd swap the olive oil for coconut oil because I love the smell. :]

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