Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My favorite blog posts to write

I find myself keeping a running list of posts I'd like to write. I'm often stuck with writer's block and needing a little motivation to get going. Whenever I'm stuck for a post idea, I go to the list for a little inspiration. I thought I'd share a list of my favorite posts to write to give all of you some inspiration!

Fashion posts
I have a lot of fun taking photos for these and they're fun to put together.
Food posts
I love trying new recipes and sharing them with others!
New at the drugstore 
I really enjoy checking out the drugstore for new displays and writing about them.

What's in my...
What's in my purse, what's in my shower etc... I find these really fun to compare with others.
Mani Monday
Painting my nails is one of my favorite things to do, so why not share it?
Lifestyle posts
It's fun to step out of the beauty zone once in a while.
I have a slight shopping addiction so posting a haul makes me feel less guilty.
I love finding & sharing new tips and projects .
These are my favorite posts to write. These are the posts I feel most motivated and excited to write! I hope you can get some inspiration from this as well. Maybe in the future I'll share all of my post ideas!

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