Monday, January 26, 2015

Mani Monday ~ Essie Gel Nail Color

 Okay, so this Mani Monday is going to be a bit all over the place! I really wanted to show my current nail color, however, I don't really know the shade, or much about the polish. I painted my nails with a friend I didn't catch the names of the polishes. I used the Essie Gel Nail Color system with an LED nail lamp. I never ever knew Essie had a gel line and I have no idea where you could buy it. I searched online to find the colors and couldn't find much. I believe the blue is either Like Turqoise or Net Worth. I could be wrong, but those are the colors that looked most similar. The glitter (I'm fairly sure) is Pile on the Lux. Sorry that I don't have the shades or much info!

My nails weren't drying, even after an hour or so. I got a bit frustrated and tried to wipe off the polish with a tissue. I guess that's all I needed to do since it removed the sticky layer and left me with the gel color! My nails lasted about 6 days. They didn't really chip at all, however the downfall was that they began to peel off.

Overall, I probably wouldn't use again or recommend. It was a lot of work and probably requires a bit more practice and expertise (which I don't have ;). Have you tried or heard of this?

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