Friday, January 16, 2015

3 Sephora samples ~ Mini reviews

 I received these samples along with a few Sephora items for Christmas. I usually don't have much luck with Sephora samples however I ended up really enjoying these! The reviews won't be too lengthy, since they are just sample but I thought I'd share anyways!

 Daisy ~ Marc Jacobs
I've always heard great things about this perfume. I've smelled it in stores, but I've never worn it. I really enjoyed this scent, which is strange since I'm not usually one for floral. It's not super overpowering and it's a really nice, light, floral scent. I would definitely be open to trying the full sized! This is the Eau de toilette and I'm not quite sure what the difference between this and eau de parfum is.

 Repetto, Repetto
I was also completely surprised that I loved this scent. Again, I don't love super perfume-y scents, I prefer sweet & fruity. I ended up really liking this. It's really unique and not too overpowering however it lasts really long! I would also repurchase this!

DERMAdoctor KP duty body scrub
 This sample was so small that I couldn't really form a complete opinion. I used it for the lower half of my legs and it worked fairly well. I didn't notice too much change but it wasn't bad in any way.

Happy Friday!

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