Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Big hair

I have just about the flattest hair ever, so I require a little assistance in that department. I'm no expert at getting volume, however I do have a little practice with it and I've gotten myself into a routine. My routine isn't extravagant in any way, just a few products and a comb! I feel like big, messy hair has been fairly popular lately. I'm a slight neat freak, so I don't usually go for the messy look (well, once in a while). Here's how I like to add a bit more volume to my locks.

First I choose a hair product. I use a different product depending on my hair that day. If my hair is 2nd or 3rd day, I'll go for my Dove Dry Shampoo. This holds volume quite well for me and refreshes my hair by soaking up extra oils. 
If my hair is freshly washed, I like to choose Garnier's Texture Tease. It doesn't hold volume as well as dry shampoo, but I don't like weighing down my hair with dry shampoo when it's clean. The Texture Tease doesn't feel too heavy and it adds some texture.
If my hair is feeling especially flat, I'll add some hairspray when I'm done with the whole shebang. My favorite is L'Oreal's Elnett. It's weightless yet it holds really well.

Next a choose a comb. You can really use anything to tease with, I personally prefer a teasing comb or brush. The one with the bristles of the left is from Target (Goody I believe) and the pink one is from Sally's Beauty Supply. Both under $5! I find the Goody comb to work best for me and I use it when I want more volume and texture. If I'm looking for slight volume and less of a messy look, I'll use the pink one.

When I begin, I'll start by sectioning off the crown of my head. First I spray with whichever product I chose, then I'll backcomb until there's a ton of volume. I'll flip that to the front of my head and grab another section below it. I usually do 2 or 3 sections. After that, I flip the teased hair back and it looks a bit crazy. I then smooth it down with the comb lightly so that I don't remove the volume. Then I move onto the side of my head and tease it the same way. Make sure you tease rather than rat. Remove the comb from your head each time you backcomb so that you don't create a huge knot.

That's my basic routine for adding a bit of volume to my hair!

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