Sunday, January 11, 2015

How to stay motivated

With the new year, many of us are setting new goals and struggling to maintain. For me personally, my goal is to be more active and healthy. So far I've stuck to it, but as time passes, my motivation weakens. Here are my tips for staying motivated no matter what your goals are.

Set goals
This one is kind of obvious however if you don't set goals, you won't make it to where you want to be.
Create rewards
 Rewards can be very motivating. If you create small rewards for yourself, such as buying yourself new running shoes, you'll be more motivated to follow through.

Ask for help
 Don't be afraid to ask for help. it's hard to do everything on your own, sometimes you need some assistance.

Be prepared
 Don't jump into something big if you aren't prepared. Make sure that your prepared and understand what you're starting.

Explore Pinterest
 Pinterest always helps me find inspiration. I would definitely suggest exploring the site for some extra motivation.

Create a schedule
 Create a schedule to stay on track.

Get it done early
 This is especially for working out. Wake up and get it out of the way so that you aren't thinking about it all day.

Try new things
 If something isn't working, try something else!

Work with what you have
Not everyone is the same. Understand that everyone has to work with what the have.

I hope these tips help and let me know what your goals for the year are!

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