Wednesday, January 21, 2015

KIT Strawberry strawberry yogurt softenning mask ~ Review

I love reviewing all of the products I received for Christmas! It's always fun trying a ton of new products and it gives me a lot of blog posts opportunities. I got this face mask in my stocking this year which is perfect since I had been looking for a new mask.

This mask looked like strawberry yogurt and it had enough in it for at least 2 uses. however I didn't realizes that when I first opened it and ended up using way too much. It smelled so good I wanted to eat it, but of course, I did not!

It felt cool when I first applied it. After a few minutes it started to tingle and almost sting. It feel really cool, almost too cool and I couldn't tell if it was stinging or just cooling. It was a fairly uncomfortable feeling so I removed it before I could wear it for 10 minutes.

My skin felt alright after. I'm glad I didn't break out or anything. My skin wasn't red afterwards, I guess it just felt that way while it was on. So that as too bad but oh well! I do have quite sensitive skin, so that could be a factor. Or maybe the mask was meant to feel that way and I didn't realize. I probably wouldn't buy a a full-size. Have you tried this mask?

That's all for the review, I hope it was helpful & let me know if you've had this same reaction with a mask!

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