Sunday, December 7, 2014

Blogmas 2014: Day 9 ~ Holiday Room Decor Ideas & DIYs

My room is finally decorated for the Christmas season! I went for more of a simple colored theme with a lot of metallics and neutrals colors. I found a ton of inspiration on Pinterest and dug out some decor from past years. I've got a couple of DIYs and a few other ideas for decorating, Enjoy!

I found this idea from Pinterest and it's super easy to re-create! 

1. Measure even stripes with painters tape on a canvas.
2. Paint over it with a black acrylic paint until opaque & allow to dry.
3. Remove tape and trace a deer head template over the stripes. (I found mine on Google, sized it, printed it and cut it out).
4. Fill in the traced shape with white glue or mod podge.
5. Quickly sprinkle gold or silver glitter over the entirety of the shape.
6. Shake off excess glitter after 30 seconds or so and repeat until the glitter is opaque. (I had to do this a few times)
7. Spray the glitter with sealant or hairspray to prevent fallout.
You're done!

I also found this idea on Pinterest for these tissue paper pom poms. These look spectacular in my room and they're so unique & easy!

1. Fold 5-10 sheets of tissue paper in an accordion style (back & forth). More sheets = more full.
2. Tie the center together with string .
3. Cut each end into a triangle shape.
4. Spread the layers of tissue paper to reveal a full pom pom.
5. Hang wherever you please!

The last DIY is SO easy yet so interesting. These Ping Pong ball lights look really cool and unique!

1. Cut a small "x" shape in each ping pong ball with an x-acto knife
2. Slide each light bulb into the "x" shape

I didn't have enough ping pong balls for every light bulb however I put them on all of the lights over my bed and it still looked great!

Here are some more decor ideas!

 Cute pail with some Target ornaments.

Ikea candy cane place mat.

 Target candy dish for hair accessories.

 Mini tree

Target Pails filled with ornaments and nail supplies.

 Cinnamon-scented pine cones from target in a large IKEA bowl.

I threw a couple of winter-y blankets onto my bed.
Red: Costco 
White & Gray: IKEA

Large dollar store candy cane at the entrance of my bedroom.

I hope you were able to gather some inspiration from this! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! :)

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