Saturday, December 13, 2014

Blogmas 2014: Day 13 ~ Weekend Project #2 DIY Christmas card ideas

I've got another project for you guys do do this weekend! Since there's only about 12 days 'till Christmas, I thought I'd share some DIY card ideas! I made 3 cards and they are all VERY simple to make a require very little supplies.
Enjoy :)

This first card is a simple hand-drawn snowflake! Feel free to switch out the message or even leave it plain! All you do for this card is use a ruler to draw a few lines creating a snowflake and ecorate as desired!

This next card is a very unique snowman cutout card! All you do for this is cut out 3 different sized circle as well as a top hat to create the snowman. Then line the inside of the card with a different color and decorate your snowman!

This last card is probably the easiest! All you've got to do is draw a zig-zag pattern, roughly in the form of a tree, add a star and a cute message!

Those are all of the cards. I really love making handmade cards since I feel like they're a bit more special to give!

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