Monday, December 15, 2014

Blogmas 2014: Day 15 ~ Victoria's Secret Passion Struck

I showed these Victoria's Secret set in my What I got for my Birthday and I still haven't talked about them in a specific post. I am already half done the perfume which never happens for me! I thought I should talk about them before I finish them all up!

This stuff smells so good! I don't shop at Victoria's Secret too often so I was quite surprised and happy to receive this. I find it so hard to describe the scent. The description is Fuji apple and vanilla orchid which sounds about right to me! I don't usually like too perfume-y scents however this has just the right amount of sweet scent to it and balance it all out. The perfume is now my favorite perfume ever and I definitely plan to repurchase when I run out. The body butter is very interesting. It feel almost like jello in the tub. It's pretty moisturizing and has the same great scent! I love both of these and am so thankful I received this as a gift.

Anyways, that was just kind of a mini review/chat so i hope you enjoyed! :)

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