Saturday, December 20, 2014

Blogmas 2014: Day 20 ~ Weekend Project #3 DIY Coasters

Here is my 3rd and final Weekend Project of Blogmas! I have really enjoyed this little series and can see myself continuing on with this in the new year. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this last little DIY. It's a very affordable DIY that costs under $5 for 4 coasters! I found this 4 pack of cork coasters at IKEA for only $2! And the rest of the supplies, I already had on hand! Enjoy!

The first idea, is a painted polka dot coaster.

Large sticker/drawer liner
Paint brushes
Acrylic paints
Hole punches (various sizes)
1 cork coaster

All you need to do is..
Trace the coaster on the drawer liner. Cut the shape out, then hole punch the cut-out with various sizes. Peel off the back and apply to the coaster. Paint in the dots with as many colors as you'd like. Allow to dry and peel of the sticker.
As you can see, I kinda messed up on one of the dots, but oh well!

This next one is even easier and I can easily say this one is my favorite of them all! 

Regular tape
White acrylic paint
Paint brush
1 cork coaster

Apply the tape in even stripes onto the coaster. Paint over with the white paint and allow to dry. Peel of the tape and you're done!

I didn't get many photos of this since I did it at night in terrible lighting. Anyways, it's fairly easy to explain.

Mod Podge (I made my own with 1 part white glue, 1 part water)
Printed off photos in the shape of your coaster
Paint brush
Cork Coaster

Print out the photos of your choice and cut the out in the shape of your coasters. Apply 1 layer of Mod Podge onto the coaster and apply the picture. Let dry then apply another coat on top. When dry, Apply 1 more coat if desired, and your done! The coasters bend a bit, so put them under a heavy book to flatten them out.

That's all for this weekend's project! I hope you try it out and enjoy the weekend!

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