Friday, December 5, 2014

Blogmas 2014: Day 5 ~ My Vanity Set Up & Makeup Organization!

I have never shown my makeup setup on my blog since I've been looking for the right time, and I wanted my vanity to be perfect. I realized my vanity would never be perfect and there was no better time to show it than the present! My setup isn't anything special yet I'm very pleased with it. I tried to de-clutter it as much as possible however with my small room, there's not many places I can put things. I do have quite a bit of makeup, but still not as much as some. I really love makeup and it's my favorite thing to do in the morning. I also really enjoy organizing so I change it up a bit every so often. I feel I must say, I'm not trying to brag at all, just thought I'd share my setup! I hope you enjoy and can gain some inspiration from this!

I don't use an actual "vanity", I've just transformed this plain desk into my very own makeup station. I don't remember where I got this desk, I believe it was a hand-me-down. However I do remember that it used to be grey with black handles. I repainted it white and added some silver knobs and it began to look a little more girly & classic! It's really old, and starting to fall apart so I've been looking for a new one!

I try to keep the top clear, but of course that's impossible for me! I always end up piling on little notes, and things like that.

On the left, I keep my necklace tree with all of my necklaces hanging on it. I think I purchased this from Homesense a few years ago. I've accompanied the jewelry tree with a flame-less candle equipped with a little cover I made from an old sweater!

In front of that, I keep more of my jewelry (rings mostly & my watch). The pink ring holder is from the dollar section at Target and the tiny, silver bowl/tray was a gift.

Beside all of that, I have my 3 drawer acrylic container from The Container Store. I must say, I am very glad that I purchased this. It goes with the whole theme, and gives me a lot of extra space. I store all of the products I use most often in here.

 The first drawer holds my everyday face products: Foundation, concealer, powder, blush & bronzer

 The second contains most of my eye products: Mascara, eyeliner, brow products, primers etc...

The third drawer is for my favorite lip products: Glosses, stains, lipsticks etc...

 To the right of that, I have a few cups holding my makeup brushes, as well as a smaller cup holding cotton pads & swabs. I also have a small mirror with a regular and magnified side. I use the magnified side to apply mascara. I DIYed the pink and blue cup using a dollar store glass, and the blue pail is from the dollar store as well, filled with filler beads. The mesh cup is from Ikea and the mirror was a gift however I've seen them at Winners.

I keep miscellaneous products in a black box that my hair straightener came in. In here I have hair products, skin care, deodorant, hair ties, hand sanitizer & more. 

 I got this little candy dish from the Target dollar section and I keep my bobby pins in it.

I keep my hair brushes and combs in this large cup from a set of drawer dividers from Homesense. 

Above my desk is a large mirror, also from Homesense, and above that are a couple of paintings that I painted.

In the drawer on the right of my desk, I keep more of my makeup in these dividers also from Homesense. In here I have other face products I don't reach for, Baby Lips and other lips products, eyeliners, pigments and few other odd and ends.

In the very top drawer on the left side of the desk, I store all the rest of my makeup. In here I mostly eyeshadows (singles & palettes) as well as a few blushes and what not. I also keep my makeup wipes and a couple of Walmart cloths in there.

That's about it! I didn't show the actual mirror since the rest of my room is a bit messy, however you kind slightly see the edge of it right about the desk.  

Maybe sometime in the future I'll do a makeup collection, who knows! That would definitely be a very long blog post. I hope you enjoyed this and I hope your day is great!

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