Sunday, December 21, 2014

Blogmas 2014: Day 21 ~ Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation Review

I've had this foundation for quite some time now, but I've been waiting to review it since I wanted to share my full opinion! I've been using it for long enough to know my full thoughts on it and I'm so happy to finally be reviewing it! I got this with my Sephora gift card from my Birthday since I was wanting to try a high-end foundation. I had someone in Sephora recommend this for me so I trusted them and got it! I hope you enjoy this review and I cannot believe Christmas is less than 4 days!

I bought this at Sephora for $44, which is pricey for foundation however cheaper than many other high-end foundations. It came with a small sample of Benefit's Stay Flawless Primer, which I only used a couple of times. It seemed to work fine for me.

When I tried this on in the store, it felt slightly heavy on my skin but the feeling didn't last. The sales person said it was good for my skin type (oily/combo) and my concerns (long-wearing, not shiny etc). It seemed to match me alright in the store, and I had previously heard positive comments on it so I decided to go for it.

When I got it home, I noticed it was darker than the rest of my foundations, but I decided to keep it anyways. I wore it for a while, usually applying it with a brush or beauty sponge. I found it took quite a bit of foundation to cover my whole face (around 1-2 pumps). Without powder, it left me looking quite shiny and it was a tiny bit darker than my skin. After powder my skin looked pretty good. It covered my redness but not much else. My acne still showed through even after multiple layers.

It's a fairly thin and liquid-y consistency. I've started using it a lot more often recently and I'm still not loving it. It doesn't really cover everything I want it to, and it doesn't last as long as I'd hoped either. After about 3/4 hours of application, I notice my redness coming back and my skin looking shiny again. It is a bit dark for me although it's not too noticeable.

I really wasn't that pleased with this foundation, and I kind of regret buying it. It's just nothing special. I much prefer my Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation which is only $10 compared to $44!
Even the lightest shade, which is ivory, was a tad too dark. There is not much shade selection with only 7 shades.

 Even coverage

Shade selection
Not long lasting
Light coverage
Uses a lot of product each application

Blendability: 9/10
Lasting Power: 7/10
Price: 5/10
Coverage: 7/10
Would I repurchase?: No
Would I recommend?: Not unless you're looking for light coverage
Overall: 7/10

In the end, I was quite disappointed with this foundation and expected more from it. I've heard many good things about this so maybe it was just me personally!

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