Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Blogmas 2014: Day 17 ~ Holiday Gift Wrapping

So one of my favorites parts of Christmas, apart from the actual gift shopping, is wrapping the gifts! I find it so fun to get creative and take some time to myself to wrap all of the gifts I purchased. This year I found a ton of inspiration on Pinterest and thought I'd "up" my game! I thought I'd share some of the ways I decided to wrap presents this year.

 After wrapping with simple brown paper, I painted a few dots with the back of my pencil, added some twine, a twig and a gift tag.

 With the same brown paper, I added twine, a pine twig and a gift tag.

 I found a ton of ribbon around the house and wrapped it around the gift in different directions.

 I wrapped two presents in mismatching prints, stacked them & added some ribbon and a bow.

 This is perfect for body mists. Roll up your object, tape it, pinch the ends and add ribbon.

 I found these paper bags at IKEA, filled them and added a staple.

Coming back to the brown paper, this time tracing snowflakes with a silver sharpie & adding twine.

These are all super simple to recreate.  Enjoy wrapping :)

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