Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What's in my travel makeup bag?!

I don't plan on traveling anytime soon, but when I recently took a little vacation, I realized what I used and what I didn't from my makeup bag. Next time I do travel I will be packing less makeup since there were a few things I didn't even end up touching. Here's the basics and the stuff I do use while traveling. 

This is the only makeup bag I have that fits my palette. It came with the eva nyc hair care travel kit that I picked up on sale at Urban Outfitters. It's great because it won't get ruined if something spills, and it's quite spacious. 


I like to take products that have multiple products in one and can be used for different things. This elf eyebrow kit includes a brow gel, a powder and even a double sided brush. It's super compact and great for saving space and packing light. Plus it's only $3, bonus!
The L'Oreal Color Riche Balms are tinted balms with SPF. It will protect your lips from the sun while giving a sheer color. It can also double up as a cream blush!
I'm obsessed with he Naked 2 palette! It has every neutral color I could ever need. It also comes with a brush and a mirror so I'm all set.


I also like to take products that will work for any event or activity! Versatile products are great for on the go especially on vacation. You never know where you'll end up!
The Maybelline master precise felt eyeliner is great for thin, thick, winged any type of eyeliner! I love eyeliner and this one's my fave!
I brought along a mini Urban Decay primer potion which is great for the beach or a long, hot day!
The Too Faced waterproof eyeliner is great for any occasion you don't want smudged makeup. It's also great for everyday use since it's not too difficult to remove.
Any Nude gloss is great. They go with any outfit and are just really versatile.


 The rest of the products are the basics that I use nearly every day. 
I've gotta have my powder, my foundation and a couple of concealers. I like to have a concealer for under eyes and one for blemishes. If you can find one that works for both that's even better!
I also bring a couple of different mascara for different looks.
And lastly, I've got a mini Benefit cream shadow in a neutral color.


Last thing is brushes. I don't take many, I could probably even cut this in half but I bring 'em anyways. First, a spooley for my brows. I also take a regular shadow brush, and angled brush, a couple of blending brushes and a small stippling brush for concealer.
Plus I need my kabuki for my face powder!

That pretty much sums up what's in my travel makeup bag!
I hope you enjoyed and have an amazing day! :)

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