Thursday, August 28, 2014

August empties

I only finished a few products this month. Most of them are fairly boring so I apologize for the shortness of this. I have a huge favorites post coming soon to make up for that! 

Dove unscented deodorant: This doesn't last long or wear well. I've actually moved on to something I like much better!

Aveeno pure renewal shampoo: I really enjoyed and would use it again! It's closer to $10, but it works well!

Live Clean clarifying shampoo: I love this stuff and have already repurchased! It smells amazing and isn't heavy.

Nivea nourishing day cream: This works great and is very thick and moisturzing.

Elizabeth Arden beautiful color mascara: This was dry and hard to remove. It also clumped, didn't like it.

Kirkland makeup wipes: These are in every empties so I don't have much to say.

That's about it!
Bye now :)

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